Our publications

Below you will find a selection of publications if you require any further information about any of these projects please feel free to contact us.

Project Publications

SEUL Project Postcard

Villiers Street Delivery and Servicing Plan and Toolkit

Analysis of 20mph Speed Limits in Central London

London Urban Market Delivery and Servicing - Best Practice Toolkit

London Urban Market Delivery and Servicing - Report

Clean Air Walking Routes - Air Quality Monitoring Report

Walkable London: Best practice guide for a walkable city

CRP - Transport, Innovation and Air Quality, 2017

Greening the BIDs - Collaborators Magazine submission

Frevue factsheet on Green Procurement - City of Stockholm

Family Friendly Employment Toolkit

CABB 'No Idling' - Information leaflet

CABB 'No Idling' Action Days - Technical Report

CABB 'No Idling' Action Days - Summary Report

Green Capital - Green Infrastructure for a future city

Evolution of London's Business Improvement Districts

LaMiLo Action 8.3 Urban Railway Hub Freight Expansion Feasibility Study - Final Report

Recruit London SWPC flyer

Recruit London NWEC Flyer

Recruit London CAPCO Flyer

Recruit London Crown Estate Flyer

Recruit London Flyer

CRP CABB Folder Cutterguide

CRP CABB Transportation Leaflet

CRP CABB Supply Chain Leaflet

CRP CABB Communications Leaflet

Sustainable Urban Markets - An Action Plan for London

LaMiLo Policy Measure Summary

LET: Tunnels and Arches Improvement Strategy

Sustainability Services Leaflet

Light at the End of the Tunnel Celebrations Document

LET: Volume 1 Main Findings

Light at the End of the Tunnel (LET) - Transforming railway viaducts in Central London

Greening the BIDs - inmidtown presentation

FREVUE Overview September 2012

Supply Cross River Case Study 1

EVUE Madrid Networking and Study Visit report

EVUE Katowice Expert Seminar Report

Greening the BIDs - Camden Town Unlimited Report

Supply Cross River Celebration document