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Emissions-based Parking Charges to be Introduced in Westminster

Westminster City Council have announced that they are introducing emissions-based parking charges for residents who drive into the city.   The scheme will see vehicles being charged relative to the levels of CO2 they produce. Vehicles that produce less CO2 will be charged less in comparison to those that produce more.    The aim is to […]

27th February 2024 / Posted by Illyas Kambala

Celebrating 30 Years of Partnerships

CRP is really pleased to be celebrating its 30th year of Delivering London’s Future Together with all of our public, private, voluntary and community sector partners!  In particular, CRP is especially pleased to be working in partnership with like-minded organisations from across Europe again – sharing knowledge and expertise with one another for the common […]

27th February 2024 / Posted by Susannah Wilks

Smarter Greener Logistics Update – Working with our Partners

CRP has been working closely with our partners to progress the Smarter Greener Logistics (SGL) programme. This month we have achieved some key milestones, none of which would have been possible without the hard work and enthusiasm of our Local Authority, BID, Strategic and Private sector partners.  Here are some of the achievements we’ve delivered […]

27th February 2024 / Posted by Fiona Coull

CRP attends Central London Vision Zero Forum

CRP Project Manager Katherine Fairfax recently attended the Central London Vision Zero Forum, a partnership coordinated by City of London, working together to achieve Vision Zero.   Vision Zero is the elimination of deaths and serious injuries on London’s roads and forms an important part of the Mayor’s Transport Strategy. The Mayor’s Transport Strategy sets […]

27th February 2024 / Posted by Katherine Fairfax

Just Streets Launches in Turin

CRP was delighted to attend the Just Streets kick-off meeting last week in Turin, Italy. We joined more than 60 people from 17 countries to begin developing a new vision of spatial justice where streets become a public space for all. We are looking forward to participating in this Horizon Europe project, coordinated by Fondazione […]

27th February 2024 / Posted by Sefinat Otaru

Celebrating the success of CRP’s Courier Fair

It’s been nearly three weeks since the CRP Courier Fair, and we’ve received lots of great feedback from the zero emission couriers in attendance, and London’s local authorities, Business Improvement Districts and strategic agencies.   The Courier Fair, held at the University of Westminster, provided an informal forum for couriers and local authority, BID and strategic […]

26th February 2024 / Posted by Sarah Meertens

The UK becomes Europe’s biggest ZEV market

Electric vehicles are gradually becoming the dominating transportation vehicle within the bus market. Helping to support the decarbonisation of HGV vehicles, improving the air quality on our streets, and dismantling the demand for fossil fuelled vehicles on our roads.   According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), following three onerous years, the UK’s […]

26th February 2024 / Posted by Sobastian Frazer

New London Overground Names Celebrate London’s Wonderful and Varied Cultural Heritage

As part of a new project to make travel on the London Overground simpler and easier for users, Transport for London have announced names for each of the six overground routes.   The London Overground network has grown considerably over recent years and today the network covers over 113 stations.   The lines have been named […]

26th February 2024 / Posted by Katie Smith

Exciting Pimlico Hub Trial Update!

Together with Westminster City Council, we are excited to announce that after a successful 9-month trial period, the low-emission courier Delivery Mates and Q-Park have come to an agreement and will continue to independently operate from the Pimlico micro logistics hub for a minimum of 12 months. Decarbon Logistics Solutions facilitated the conversations between Delivery […]

26th February 2024 / Posted by Isidora Rivera Vollmer

Active Travel Underfunded in England

A recent report from the Institute for Public Policy Research sheds light on the underinvestment in active travel initiatives across England.   Despite the proven benefits of walking and cycling for public health, air quality, and climate change mitigation, these modes of transportation receive only a small fraction of the transportation budget (2%).  Though London […]

26th February 2024 / Posted by Guillaume Strebelle

UK’s First Clean Air Night Campaign

Last Wednesday, 24 January, was the culmination of the first Clean Air Night campaign to highlight the dangers of wood burning. Global Action Plan developed the month-long campaign to inform the public about how burning wood worsens air quality.  CRP has often spoken about the dangers of particulate matter (PM) from transport-related activities.  However, domestic […]

30th January 2024 / Posted by Sefinat Otaru

CRP Continues to Support Boroughs and BIDs with Insightful Data

Evidence has become critical to create healthy streets and neighbourhoods. Cross River Partnership (CRP) have been busy throughout December and January, supporting partners with our insightful traffic and active travel reporting to evidence of how spaces, streets and neighbourhoods are used.   CRP have continued to work with South Bank BID and VivaCity on understanding traffic […]

29th January 2024 / Posted by Ross Phillips

CRP Attends Central London Freight Quality Partnership

CRP Project Manager Katherine Fairfax recently attended the Central London Freight Quality Partnership (CLFQP) – Current Freight Issues Group meeting. The CLFQP is coordinated by John Crosk, Chairman of the Brewery Logistics Group, and made up of representatives from the freight industry, local authorities, and other relevant organisations.   At the meeting CRP provided an update […]

29th January 2024 / Posted by Katherine Fairfax

Micro Logistics Hub Updates

CRP have exciting insights to share regarding our two micro logistics hub trials in Pimlico and Wandsworth:   Since the Pimlico micro logistics hub trial began nine months ago – the trial recently ended on 31st December 2023 – 4,186 kg of CO2 emissions have been saved. Let’s translate this into a more tangible example, […]

29th January 2024 / Posted by Guillaume Strebelle

Celebrating 30 Years of CRP

2024 marks a major milestone for us here at Cross River Partnership (CRP) as we celebrate 30 years of delivering London’s future together!   To celebrate CRP’s history, growth and successes, we have launched a 30th anniversary edition of our logo to share throughout 2024.    Originally formed to deliver cross-river infrastructure projects such as the Millenium […]

29th January 2024 / Posted by Katie Smith

CRP Welcomes Two New Interns

CRP are delighted to welcome two new Zero Emissions Interns to the team who will be supporting across the Smarter Greener Logistics (SGL) programme.   After studying Geography at Queen Mary University of London, Ilyas is currently completing his Masters in Risk Analysis, Disasters and Resilience at Kings College London.   Josephine is currently completing her Masters […]

29th January 2024 / Posted by Katie Smith

CRP’s Collaborative Bid to the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund

CRP has submitted a collaborative application – Healthy Streets Everyday II – to the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund Round 4 (MAQF4).  If successful, the application will build on the success of MAQF3-funded programme Healthy Streets Everyday, led by Cross River Partnership (CRP).  CRP’s Healthy Streets Everyday II application was supported by 14 partner organisations, including […]

29th January 2024 / Posted by Susannah Wilks

CRP Courier Fair

We are just over one week away from our Courier Fair! On Wednesday 7th February 4:30-6pm, 10 – 15 industry leading zero emission couriers – including local and national operators – will exhibit at our in-person fair to meet and build relationships with local authorities, BIDs, strategic agencies and landowners. The Courier Fair is developed […]

29th January 2024 / Posted by Sarah Meertens

SGL Update – Kicking off 2024!

It’s the start of a new year and there’s already been lots happening with CRP’s Smarter Greener Logistics (SGL) programme:  CRP has been implementing a noise monitoring strategy for the Waterloo Station Freight Hub Project. This involves using a portable Class 1 Sound Level Meter to measure the noise levels around the station to provide […]

29th January 2024 / Posted by Fiona Coull

Rail Freight to Grow by at Least 75%

In a landmark announcement, the government has set forth an ambitious target to propel rail freight growth by a staggering 75% or more. These plans aim to improve the UK’s freight transportation system, making it more efficient and sustainable. This commitment is a crucial step in cutting down carbon emissions and mitigating the environmental impact […]

29th January 2024 / Posted by Isidora Rivera Vollmer

UK Government sets out pathway for zero emission vehicle transition by 2035

The UK government has set a pathway towards all new cars and vans being zero emissions by 2035. This pioneering mandate has now become law since the 3rd of January 2024. The mandate is expected to help both the car and manufacturing industries to safeguard jobs and staff certainty.       The zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) mandate sets […]

29th January 2024 / Posted by Sobastian Frazer

Reflecting on 2023!

CRP and its partners have a huge amount to be really proud of that we achieved together during 2023!  We have:   successfully completed the Defra–funded Clean Air Logistics for London (CALL) programme  started a new 26-partner Smarter Greener Logistics (SGL) programme  recruited amazing new CRP team members – Guillaume Strebelle, Katie Smith and Sarah Meertens  […]

12th December 2023 / Posted by Susannah Wilks

Smarter Greener Logistics (SGL) | Update

As the year comes to a close, CRP are reflecting on what’s been a fantastic start to the delivery of the Defra-funded Smarter Greener Logistics (SGL) programme!   While it has only been 6 months since the launch of the programme, CRP have encouraging and exciting updates to share with you below:  CRP will be supporting […]

12th December 2023 / Posted by Guillaume Strebelle

Focussing on Freight at the Thames & London Waterways Forum

CRP’s Senior Programme Manager, Fiona Coull, was delighted to have sat on the ‘Planning and Freight’ Panel as part of the annual Thames & London Waterways Forum earlier this month.  The forum, which was organised by the Port of London Authority (PLA), Transport for London (TfL) and Greater London Authority (GLA), was a brilliant opportunity […]

12th December 2023 / Posted by Fiona Coull

Clean Air Thames vessel, Driftwood II, at Barrier Gardens Pier

CRP joined Clean Air Thames project partners, the Port of London Authority (PLA) and the City of London Corporation, to take photos with Driftwood II at the newly refurbished Barrier Gardens Pier last month.   Driftwood II, which is owned by the PLA, is used to collect debris from the Thames.  The 34-year-old vessel was one […]

11th December 2023 / Posted by Sefinat Otaru

CRP to host Courier Fair in 2024

As we commence planning for 2024 here at CRP, we are delighted to announce our upcoming Courier Fair! The event, to be held on Wednesday 7th February 4:30-6pm, will be an opportunity for logistics operators to meet and build relationships with local authorities and BIDs.  Developed as part of our Defra-funded Smarter Greener Logistics (SGL) […]

11th December 2023 / Posted by Sarah Meertens

The Future of EV Charging

City Hall and Places for London, TfL’s property company, have brought forward five new ultra-rapid charging hubs in London! These hubs will be capable of charging electric vehicles in 10-30 minutes.   At the London EV Show, Deputy Mayor for Transport, Seb Dance, announced that land has been identified to develop five new electric charging hubs. […]

11th December 2023 / Posted by Sobastian Frazer

Rail Technology Magazine’s coverage of CRP’s Waterloo Freight Hub

CRP is continuing to develop the Waterloo Freight Hub project, with the aim of converting underutilised space in Waterloo’s undercroft space into a multi-operator, zero emission, clean, green freight hub. CRP are pleased that the Waterloo Freight Hub project has featured in various news outlets over the past couple of months, including Rail Technology Magazine […]

11th December 2023 / Posted by Ross Phillips

The CRP Team is growing!

CRP are pleased to welcome a new member of the team – Katie Smith, Communications and Business Development Officer.    Katie will be supporting to promote the brilliant work happening across Smarter Greener Logistics (SGL) and other CRP programmes!  Prior to this role, Katie worked at Hartlepool Borough Council, where she supported businesses and business growth […]

11th December 2023 / Posted by Katie Smith

CRP Conversations: Transport Equity

In November, CRP hosted our last CRP Conversations which focused on the topic of Transport Equity. The session explored different understandings and applications of equity in transport research, policy, and delivery.  Speakers from Active Travel Academy, Centre for London, Pedal My Wheels and Cross River Partnership discussed the social impacts of transport policymaking, planning, and […]

11th December 2023 / Posted by Katherine Fairfax