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Deadline for Registering to Vote in 6th May 2021 Elections

The Mayor of London and London Assembly elections are taking place on Thursday 6th May. The deadline to register to vote for these elections is Monday 19th April.If you would prefer to register for a postal vote you can apply now and the deadline is 5pm on Tuesday 20th April. Register here.

13th April 2021 / Posted by Joshua West

CRP’s Staff Spotlight On: Rachael Aldridge

This week we are featuring CRP Project Officer Rachael Aldridge. As part of my role at CRP, I deliver on communications for the Clean Air Villages programme, as well as CRP-wide strategic communications. From producing our fortnightly newsletter, organising CRP’s Lunchtime Launches, promoting shared cargo bike schemes across villages, contacting businesses about the CRP Clean Air Villages […]

13th April 2021 / Posted by Rachael Aldridge

Stress Awareness Month

Are you aware that April is Stress Awareness Month? It has been extremely difficult for everyone over the past year, having to deal with the events of the pandemic. It is important that we take time out to look after mental health and wellbeing so that we can look after families and loved ones. This year the Stress Management Society is hosting a 30-day challenge […]

13th April 2021 / Posted by Carol Quamina

Happy Earth Day!

CRP’s vision is to work with its partners to address the grand challenges of our time and shape the London of tomorrow, creating a more sustainable city for the capital’s residents, businesses and visitors. Thursday 22nd April 2021 sees the return of Earth Day, marked by more than a billion people every year as a day of action to change human […]

13th April 2021 / Posted by Ross Phillips

London’s Clean Air Community LinkedIn Group

Earlier this year, CRP’s Air Quality Ambassador Julie Tucker helped us launch the Clean Air Community group on LinkedIn! The group was initially welcome to professionals and residents of City of London who are interested in #airquality issues and all the wonderful research, initiatives and projects that are taking place to improve it. We’re proud to be expanding the […]

13th April 2021 / Posted by Stav Friedman

Accessibility at CRP

CRP remains at forefront of delivering positive change for London’s residents, businesses and visitors. We produce many sector leading online publications including case studies, toolkits, guidance documents, reports and interactive, online tools. We are committed to ensuring that all these resources are accessible to those who wish to use them. At least 1 in 5 […]

13th April 2021 / Posted by Joshua West

Sustrans Big Pedal 2021!

Image: A School Street in action at the Van Gogh Primary School, London Borough of Lambeth. With schools back open after lockdown, it’s great to see the return of Sustrans Big Pedal – the UK’s biggest inter-school cycling, walking, wheeling and scooting competition! Running from 19th – 30th April, the Big Pedal is open to all UK primary […]

13th April 2021 / Posted by Fiona Coull

CRP’s Spotlight On: Hatton Garden BID

This week’s Spotlight On is on CRP partner Hatton Garden BID. The BID’s aim is to support business growth and see Hatton Garden grow as a world-renowned business and visitor destination. Recently, businesses have voted overwhelmingly in favour of renewing the Hatton Garden Business Improvement District (BID) for a second five year term. The BID team, […]

13th April 2021 / Posted by Rachael Aldridge

Clean Air Villages 4 Update

The inception meeting for the Defra-funded Clean Air Villages 4 programme is due to take place this week. All 25 partners will come together to meet one another and launch the programme.  The programme will deliver five Freight Solutions, on: Distribution, Consolidation, Mode, Policy & Technology, with the aim of reducing congestion and pollution. For more information about CAV4 […]

13th April 2021 / Posted by Kate Fenton

Support for Local Businesses

Further support for businesses has recently been announced, as restrictions lift in a new phase of the pandemic. The new Restart Grant is a one-off cash grant, available now for businesses with premises registered for business rates. Designed for businesses trying to reopen and get back on their feet after the latest lockdown, the grant […]

13th April 2021 / Posted by Rachael Aldridge

Earth Day: Successful Sustainable Development in London

Next week’s Lunchtime Launch session, Earth Day: Successful Sustainable Development, will be held on Thursday 22nd April 2021, 1:15pm – 2:00pm. Sign up here! To mark Earth Day 2021, we are excited to be joined by Debbie Akehurst, Midtown BID, and Katherine Fleming, The Northbank BID, two of CRP’s neighbouring Business Improvement District partners who will be showcasing their […]

13th April 2021 / Posted by Rachael Aldridge

CRP’s Staff Spotlight On: Laura Jacklin

This week we are featuring CRP’s Senior Project Officer Laura Jacklin. I work on the Clean Air Villages 3 programme and have thoroughly enjoyed working on such an engaging project. It has been great to meet businesses, people and communities across lots of different areas of London. I have worked on shared electric vehicle (EV) schemes across London […]

30th March 2021 / Posted by Laura Jacklin

World Health Day, Wednesday 7th April

This day is celebrated to mark the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) first Health Assembly in 1948. Seven decades later, the WHO’s impact in shaping and advocating for gold standard in healthcare has effected us all in many ways. Today, we have a much richer understanding of what contributes to a positive mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing, especially the role […]

30th March 2021 / Posted by Anusha Rajamani

Zoe Greindl reflects on her Internship at CRP

Over the last few months, I have joined CRP every Thursday as part of my Masters in Climate Change at King’s College London. Even remotely, I was warmly welcomed by the whole team and cannot believe how quickly the time has gone by! I have had the opportunity to work across exciting projects; engaging with […]

30th March 2021 / Posted by Rachael Aldridge

Upcoming Best Practice Case Studies

As Clean Air Villages 3 (CAV3) comes to a close, CRP has prepared five inspiring case studies as part of the solutions developed during the project. Each case study shares experiences, lessons learned and results of CAV3, in partnership with local authorities, businesses and communities regarding: shared cargo bike schemes supporting businesses to switch to electric vehicles the development of clean […]

30th March 2021 / Posted by Carina Mesquita Mesquita

Shepherds Bush Shared Electric Van Launching Soon

As part of the Clean Air Villages 3 project, CRP is excited to announce that registration for the shared electric van will be available over the next few months. Please register your interest via this short form. This will be the second shared electric scheme available for businesses in London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham – the Fulham van is […]

30th March 2021 / Posted by Laura Jacklin

Hammersmith and Hatton Garden BIDs achieve successful ballot results

Businesses have overwhelmingly voted YES to continue Hammersmith BID and Hatton Garden BID, for another five years! Of those businesses that voted, 80% voted ‘YES’ at the ballot for Hatton Garden and 86% voted ‘YES’ favour of Hammersmith BID. This support is particularly valued against the backdrop of a global pandemic and national lockdown, as many […]

30th March 2021 / Posted by Joshua West

Cleaner Journeys, Cleaner Air for All

Last week, CRP featured in Air Quality News, within the feature article ‘Cargo bikes – The Future of Zero Emission Last-mile Deliveries‘. As part of Clean Air Villages 3, we have launched 7 cargo bike schemes across London, and supported many businesses and communities with these deliveries. 596 miles have been covered by cargo bikes to […]

30th March 2021 / Posted by Rachael Aldridge

Clean Air Villages 4: Coming Soon to a Borough Near You!

CRP is extremely honoured to be a recipient of Defra’s Air Quality Grant, which will allow us to continue delivering air quality improvement initiatives in the new Clean Air Villages 4 (CAV4) project. The CRP Team is excited to be building on the work and partnerships developed during Clean Air Villages 1, 2 and 3. Through CAV4, the CRP team will work with 25 partners to […]

30th March 2021 / Posted by Stav Friedman

Town Centre Futures Report Launch

CRP is pleased to launch a new study ‘Town Centre Futures‘; an innovative cross-sector study providing practical recommendations for London’s Local Authorities, Business Improvement Districts, landowners and other strategic agencies, on how we can recover from the Covid-pandemic in greener and cleaner way, and enhance the roles of all of London’s Town Centres going forward. The […]

30th March 2021 / Posted by Rachael Aldridge

Clean Air Community LinkedIn Group: Open to All

Earlier this year, as part of our Clean Air Villages 3 (CAV3) Air Quality Ambassador programme in partnership with City of London Corporation, we launched the Clean Air Community LinkedIn group – a platform for London’s professionals to share, engage and collaborate regarding air quality related initiatives or programmes. Now, with CAV3 delivery wrapping up, we’re excited to announce that the LinkedIn Clean […]

30th March 2021 / Posted by Stav Friedman

CRP’s Spotlight On: South Bank BID

This week, we are showcasing the work of CRP partner South Bank BID. Established in 2014, South Bank BID’s vision is to help create a world-class neighbourhood for businesses, residents and students alike. CRP spoke to Abdel Najid, Head of Place Management, about the BID’s recent work. On behalf of our 250+ levy paying businesses, the […]

30th March 2021 / Posted by Rachael Aldridge

Clean Air Thames and Port of London Authority

CRP is proud to have the Port of London Authority (PLA) as partner on our ongoing Clean Air Thames project, which aims to support vessel operators on the Thames to reduce their emissions and help improve air quality. The PLA are strongly committed to environmental stewardship of the Thames, and are driving climate change adaptation and mitigation initiatives accordingly. They are reducing energy usage and aim to cut their carbon […]

30th March 2021 / Posted by Sefinat Otaru

Westminster City Council’s City Plan 2019 – 2040

After years’ of work including extensive consultations with residents, amenity groups, the development industry, agencies from the public sector and many other stakeholders, CRP’s accountable body Westminster City Council will be formally adopting their City Plan 2019 – 2040. This plan sets out the blueprint for all development in the borough – with the aim of ensuring […]

30th March 2021 / Posted by Joshua West

Earth Day: Successful Sustainable Development in London

CRP’s next Lunchtime Launch session will be held on Earth Day, Thursday 22nd April 2021, 1:15pm – 2:00pm. Sign up here! We will be joined by CRP’s Business Improvement District partners Midtown BID (Debbie Akehurst) and The Northbank BID (Katherine Fleming), as well as CRP’s Fiona Coull. There’s a chance to pose questions to our speakers, and to learn about plans to […]

30th March 2021 / Posted by Susannah Wilks

Places for All Campaign

The CRP-managed Central London Sub-Regional Transport Partnership is launching a new cross-sector social media campaign, Places for All, which aims to educate local London residents and businesses on Low Traffic Schemes, demystifying information surrounding them, and empowering people to support measures that will improve air quality and accessibility in densely populated areas across London. These schemes make residential streets safer and more accessible for walkers, cyclists, wheelchairs, and mobility scooters. ‘Low Traffic Neighbourhoods’ (LTNs) or […]

19th March 2021 / Posted by Joshua West

CRP’s Spotlight On: Kate Fenton

This week we are featuring CRP’s Project Manager Kate Fenton, who is leading on CRP’s Clean Air Villages programme. What I love about working for CRP is that no two days are the same. I also have the pleasure of working with a passionate and dynamic team. As CAV Project Manager, my role is to oversee the delivery of […]

16th March 2021 / Posted by Kate Fenton

Budget 2021

CRP watched the 3rd March 2021 Budget announcements closely, along with every other organisation, business and household in the country. While the support for jobs and livelihoods is welcome in the short term, there are still many unanswered questions about the more medium term prospects. Of course there are many more things that will continue to be lobbied for, but at least we all now have […]

16th March 2021 / Posted by Susannah Wilks

Census 2021

Another decade, another Census! A reminder to complete yours on or shortly after Sunday 21st March 2021, or you could face a fine. Your answers to the census questions will help organisations make decisions on planning and funding public services in your area, including transport, education and healthcare.

16th March 2021 / Posted by Joshua West

Switch On to the Switch Off

Saturady 27th March 2021 is WWF’s Earth Hour. Join the movement and switch off your lights at 8.30pm for one hour. This show of solidarity for our planet reminds us that small actions can make a big difference. Thinking about our own energy use and our own actions is important in all areas of our lives. Reducing our carbon footprint can be done in many ways.  From an […]

16th March 2021 / Posted by Kate Fenton