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A big welcome to CRP’s new Project Officer Stav Friedman!

What an exciting time to be joining the CRP Team! As London businesses and communities are getting to grips on life post-lockdown, now is the time to really push for practices that are healthier for both people and planet. I’m enthusiastic about the opportunities that CRP can provide communities through the Clean Air Villages 3 […]

30th June 2020 / Posted by Stav Friedman

Flip the switch on Climate Change

The digital launch of London Climate Action week is 1st – 3rd July, which will convene London’s diverse sectors and experts to discuss the national and international response to COVID-19 climate policy and promote a #greenrecovery. Through business and government leadership, a series of events focusing on green investment, collaboration vs competition and solutions to adaptation will […]

30th June 2020 / Posted by Anusha Rajamani

The CRP Clean Air Villages Directory is expanding!

We are excited to announce that the CRP Clean Air Villages Directory is expanding across new village areas for Clean Air Villages 3! The Directory is a free platform, promoting businesses who deliver their products/services using zero or ultra-low emission methods. The distance from the vehicle dispatch point to the Clean Air ‘Village’ centre is highlighted to support […]

30th June 2020 / Posted by Carina Mesquita Mesquita

Clean Air Villages: June update

Clean Air Villages 3 (CAV3) is tailored to improve air quality whilst supporting businesses, communities and hospitals as we emerge from lockdown. CAV3 is a Defra-funded air quality project working with businesses, communities and hospitals in pollution hotspots across London, to promote behaviour change around individual and collective action that will improve air quality. CRP has […]

30th June 2020 / Posted by Kate Fenton

Join the movement of businesses tackling air pollution

The Business Clean Air Taskforce has announced the launch of the Business for Clean Air (B4CA) initiative. Business Clean Air Taskforce are a group of businesses convened by Global Action Plan and Defra, to help move towards cleaner air for all. Signatories include LeasePlan, Uber and Landsec. Clean air and building back better matters now […]

30th June 2020 / Posted by Rachael Aldridge

Celebrating SME enterprise day – showcasing great work from London businesses!

27th June, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises day, was a time to reflect on how SMEs have positively contributed to our local communities. Throughout projects at CRP, we have worked closely with businesses of all sizes. During the CAV2 project, CRP worked with SME cargo bike provider ecofleet, in their local borough in Wandsworth. Parcels Not […]

30th June 2020 / Posted by Laura Jacklin

Celebrating the Windrush generation

22nd June marked 72 years since the HMT Empire Windrush landed at Tilbury Docks, East London in 1948. The Westminster City Council‘s BAME Network celebrated the event with a virtual event of poetry, music and personal stories. The event explored some amazing personal life stories of this generation, such as Sam King, the first Black […]

30th June 2020 / Posted by Chioma Wuche

SEUL Continues to Win Awards!

CRP’s Smart Electric Urban Logistics (SEUL) project continues to be celebrated for its innovation and achievements in using technology for good. It has won prizes in the Global Good Awards in both the ‘Tech for Good’ and ‘Innovation’ categories following the project’s recent conclusion. SEUL has already helped deliver air quality improvements through reduced emissions from electric trucks in central London. We look forward to attending the delayed […]

30th June 2020 / Posted by Tom Linton-Smith

CRP Welcomes Midtown BID as its Latest Member

CRP is extremely honoured to announce Midtown BID joining its Board as a partnership member alongside the existing 18 Business Improvement Districts, 8 Local Authorities and other strategic agencies involved with supporting London out of lockdown, safely and sustainably. Midtown BID will deliver projects with CRP on healthy walking, cycling, working and living, as we […]

30th June 2020 / Posted by Susannah Wilks

High Streets as Havens: Re-opening Businesses Safely and Sustainably – LiveShare session

Register your place at our next LiveShare session, where we will be joined by Camden Town Unlimited and London & Partners for an informative discussion on the successes and challenges of re-opening the High Street two weeks after the easing of lockdown in England. We look forward to seeing you there! Missed our last LiveShare […]

30th June 2020 / Posted by Joshua West

Green Transport Week

This week provides CRP with an opportunity to celebrate sustainable travel, even more so than we usually do! Throughout our Healthy Streets Everyday programme, we are working with our partners to encourage and share knowledge of improving streetscapes for more pedestrian and cycle-friendly neighbourhoods and streets and reducing car-free behaviour, with a focus on School Streets […]

30th June 2020 / Posted by Ross Phillips


CRP was honoured to support Westminster City Council’s staff virtual 8.46 minutes of silence for racial justice at 16.55 on 9th June 2020. CRP is fully committed to working with its partners, funders, suppliers and staff to tackle racial equality, on a continual basis. Please contact CRP’s Director Susannah Wilks if you would like to […]

16th June 2020 / Posted by Susannah Wilks

Saving the Night

Across London, lighting plays a crucial role in social, cultural, and environmental capacities, from cultivating new civic spaces such as the Illuminated River Project, to its potential impacts on mental health and wellbeing, and the need for new energy saving lighting infrastructure. Good lighting in London is essential for a busy, twenty-four-hour city. Millions of people use […]

16th June 2020 / Posted by Rachael Aldridge

Love Your Lungs Week

From 22nd to 28th June, the UK’s lung health awareness week is taking place, which is all the more important this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, together with the fact that the UK has the 4th highest mortality rate from lung disease in Europe. Reduction in air pollution increases lung health, and according to the British Lung Foundation, two million people in the […]

16th June 2020 / Posted by Rachael Aldridge

CRP Main Funder Update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CRP in collaboration with Defra, the funder of its Clean Air Villages 3 (CAV3) project, has managed to secure a more flexible approach to project delivery. The CRP team is actively working with project partners and local communities to identify suitable sustainable solutions to improve air quality which can be implemented post-lockdown. For further information, please contact CRP Operations Manager Carol Quamina.

16th June 2020 / Posted by Carol Quamina

EV Fleet-centred Local Energy System – plotting a course for a green recovery

With thoughts turning to recovery and how to build back better, CRP is pleased to be engaged in projects that will support a transition to a cleaner future. Our EV Fleet Centred Local Energy System (EFLES) project, part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund’s Prospering from the Energy Revolution challenge, is helping to unlock the challenges of electrifying vehicle fleets through […]

16th June 2020 / Posted by Tom Linton-Smith

CLSTRP Enabling Last Mile Cycling Logistics Report

A report from our Central London Sub-Regional Transport Partnership (CLSTRP) project has recently been published, offering initiatives and recommendations for local authorities to support the uptake of zero emission and cycle logistics in support of a green recovery in London, and other cities emerging from lockdown. While we cannot be sure of what will change and how, […]

16th June 2020 / Posted by Tom Linton-Smith

Healthy Streets Everyday Programme Update

CRP’s Healthy Streets Everyday (HSE) project is rapidly and proactively helping the 17 Borough, landowner and BID partners to make lasting and transformative change to streets throughout London, in full alignment with TfL’s Streetspace programme, and adding extra benefits to Londons’ COVID-19 response. As part of our Steering Group Meeting in May this year, we facilitated a round table discussion to share information and ideas on partner Streetspace plans. It was […]

16th June 2020 / Posted by Fiona Coull

Clean Air Villages 3 (CAV3) Launch 

On Friday 5th June, World Environment Day, CAV3 officially launched! CRP is delighted that the launch featured in Air Quality News, the UK’s air quality and emissions news and information site. Edie, who report on sustainability, energy and the environment, have also featured the project launch in their Sustainability Success Stories of the Week! CRP has funding from Defra’s Air Quality Grant to […]

16th June 2020 / Posted by Rachael Aldridge

London Transition Board and London Recovery Board

Two new boards have been established to oversee London’s recovery from the pandemic. The London Recovery Board, which has already met, will be co-chaired by the Mayor of London and the Chair of London Councils, and will focus on the longer-term economic and social recovery. The City of London Corporation’s Catherine McGuinness is one of the many eminent […]

16th June 2020 / Posted by Susannah Wilks

Getting Around London

This week, Londoners will once more be able to visit shops and places of worship. They may find it tricky to move around while maintaining physical distancing. CRP’s Clean Air Route Finder is a useful journey planner for active travellers – mainly – pedestrians and cyclists – with the additional benefit of highlighting the average amount of air pollution along […]

16th June 2020 / Posted by Sefinat Otaru

CRP’s LiveShares

Change is in the air and Cross River Partnership is helping to keep you informed. Our LiveShare sessions bring together industry experts to present, explain and discuss the many changes that are currently underway in London, whilst allowing you to have your say through our interactive platform. The first LiveShare of the series went live on Wednesday 10th June, made possible by support from Defra and the Mayor of London, informing the 66 viewers of the […]

16th June 2020 / Posted by Tomos Joyce

Celebrating Bike Week!

Bike Week is taking place from 6th to 14th June; a week of events dedicated to improving the awareness of cycling and its benefits and to encourage people to use bikes for transport. These events are taking place in different countries throughout the world and has been taking place in the UK for nearly 100 […]

5th June 2020 / Posted by Carina Mesquita Mesquita

Recent Congestion Charge Consultation

Did you know that nearly half of London’s NOx comes from road transport? Temporary changes have been proposed in support of Transport for London and boroughs’ response to the coronavirus pandemic, and this week TfL welcomed views on these changes. The suggested changes include increasing the daily change to £15 and removing the £1 Auto […]

5th June 2020 / Posted by Rachael Aldridge

COVID-19 and BAME Communities

During the pandemic, we have learned that there are disproportionate effects of coronavirus on the BAME community. This has led to an investigation into the causes of why this might be. It has been suggested that the structural issues that often affect the BAME community, coupled with disadvantages within the community, such as lower social/economic […]

5th June 2020 / Posted by Chioma Wuche

Walkable London

CRP and its government, business and community partners welcome the paradigm shift in urban space to walking and cycling. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create a London that is fairer, safer and healthier. London’s Boroughs and Business Improvement Districts are working at a phenomenal pace with the Mayor of London, his Walking and Cycling Commissioner […]

5th June 2020 / Posted by Susannah Wilks

New starter: A big welcome to Ross!

Ross Phillips joined CRP as a Project Officer at the start of June 2020. These are his thoughts on his first week with the team. It’s been an exciting (and strange) week to start a new job at CRP. Starting remotely will always bring challenges but the team has been supportive and friendly in providing plenty of information about […]

5th June 2020 / Posted by Ross Phillips

New starter: A big welcome to Anusha!

  Anusha Rajamani joined CRP as a new Project Officer in June 2020. Below is an account of her experience from her first week. My first week at CRP has been most welcoming despite starting this position virtually. It has been great meeting the team and getting an insight into everyone’s role. As life slowly […]

5th June 2020 / Posted by Anusha Rajamani

EFLES: Capturing the opportunities in EV fleet charging

Following the launch of EV Fleet-Centred Local Energy Systems (EFLES) last month, CRP is excited to have begun delivering this innovative project in collaboration with UK Power Networks Services, UPS and Moixa. EFLES aims to provide a model to facilitate the rapid transition to EVs. In 2018 there were over 5.1 million vans, trucks and buses on the roads […]

5th June 2020 / Posted by Abby McDougall

Getting from A to B: Your Latest Active Travel Options Explained

Join us on Wednesday 10th June, 2pm – 3pm (BST) for our first in a series of interactive online learning sessions – Getting from A to B: your latest active travel options explained. We’ll be join by representatives from Transport for London and Sustrans to discuss walking and cycling, recent infrastructure improvements, active travel’s vital role for Londoners as we emerge from lockdown, and how it will impact the future […]

5th June 2020 / Posted by Joshua West