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CRP Board Presentation – April 2024

CRP Courier Fair – Post Event Document

CRP Conversations – November Takeaway: Transport Equity

CRP Conversations Presentation Slides: Transport Equity

Waterloo Freight Hub Strategy Briefing October 2023

CRP Conversations – October Takeaway: Improving Air Quality by Enhancing River & Rail

CRP Conversations Presentation Slides: Improving Air Quality by Enhancing River & Rail

CRP Board Presentation September 2023

Sustainable Freight in Central London

Waterloo Station Freight Hub

Brixton Clean Air Freight Evaluation – Executive Summary

CRP Conversations – April Takeaway: Prioritising Sustainable Logistics

CRP Conversations – Clean Air Freight: Prioritising Sustainable Logistics

CRP Conversations: March Takeaway. Innovative Transport Decarbonisation

CRP Conversations Presentation Slides: Innovative Transport Decarbonisation

CRP Board Presentation March 2023

CRP Conversations – February 2023. Event Takeaway

CRP Conversations – February Presentation Slides

CRP Conversations, Session 1: Property Stewardship on the High Street. Jan 23. Event Takeaway.

CRP Conversations Presentation Slides – January 2023

CRP’s Connect 4, Session 12 Toolkit. Clean Air Freight: Lessons Learnt

CRP’s Connect 4 Series: Session 12 Presentation Slides

CRP Connect 4 Session 11 Toolkit

Connect 4 Session 11 Presentation Slides

CRP’s Connect 4 Series: Session 10 Toolkit

CRP’s Connect 4 Series Session 10 Presentation Slides

CRP’s Connect 4 Series: Session 9 Toolkit

Connect 4 Session 9 Presentation Slides

Connect 4 Session 8 Toolkit

Connect 4 Session 8: Presentation Slides

CRP’s Connect 4 Series: Session 7 Toolkit

Connect 4 Session 7: Presentation Slides

CRP’s Connect 4 Series: Session 6 Toolkit

Connect 4 Session 6: Presentation Slides

ARBP 21/22/23 Power Point

CRP’s Connect 4 Series: Session 5 Toolkit

Connect 4 Series: Session 5 Presentation Slides

CRP’s Connect 4 Series: Session 4 Toolkit

CRP’s Connect 4 Series: Session 4 Presentation Slides

CRP’s Connect 4 Series: Session 3 Toolkit

CRP’s Connect 4 Series: Session 3 Presentation Slides

CRP’s Connect 4 Series: Session 2 Toolkit

CRP’s Connect 4 Series: Session 2 Presentation Slides

CRP’s Connect 4 Series: Session 1 Toolkit

CRP’s Connect 4 Series: Session 1 Presentation Slides

Lunchtime Launch 12 Q&A Sheet

Lunchtime Launch 12 – Green Logistics London: A Healthier City for All – Presentation Slides

Lunchtime Launch 11 Q & A Sheet

Lunchtime Launch 11 – Good Parks for London 2021: Parks and Climate Change – Presentation Slides

Lunchtime Launch 10 Q&A Sheet

Lunchtime Launch 10 – The Challenges and Opportunities of Fleet Electrification

Lunchtime Launch 9 Q&A Sheet

Lunchtime Launch 9 – Climate Effects: The Benefits of Greening – Presentation Slides

Lunchtime Launch 8 – Questions and Answers Sheet

Lunchtime Launch 8 – The Future of Sustainable Shipping & Trade in London – Presentation Slides

Lunchtime Launch 7 – Questions and Answers Sheet

Lunchtime Launch 7 – Railway Infrastructure: Dawn of a New Era? – Presentation Slides

Lunchtime Launch 6 Question and Answer Sheet

Lunchtime Launch 6 – The ULEZ Expansion: Your Options for a Cleaner, Cheaper, Greener London

Lunchtime Launch 5 Q&A Sheet

Lunchtime Launch 5 – Presentation Slides – Spatial Mapping: Benefits for Air Quality, Logistics and Healthy Streets

Q&A Sheet – Lunchtime Launch 4

Lunchtime Launch 4 – Presentation Slides – Earth Day: Successful Sustainable Development in London

CRP Lunchtime Launch 3 Q&A Sheet

Lunchtime Launch 3 – Presentation Slides: Town Centre Futures

CRP’s Annual Report and Business Plan 2020/21/22 – PowerPoint Presentation

Lunchtime Launch 2 Q&A Sheet

Lunchtime Launch 2 Presentation Slides

Lunchtime Launch 1: Q&A Sheet

Lunchtime Launch 1 Presentation Slides: Developing the Future of Freight Logistics in London

The Future Functionality and Potential of London’s Centres – CRP LiveShare Presentation Slides

The Right to Clean Air: Protecting and Empowering Communities – CRP LiveShare Presentation Slides

Good Parks for London 2020 Launch: CRP LiveShare presentation slides

Support for Businesses and Improving Air Quality in Grays Inn Road, Camden – CRP LiveShare presentation slides

A Greener and More Accessible London: Achieving Environmental Inclusivity – CRP LiveShare presentation slides

The Fitzrovia Partnership – Reducing Costs and Improving Sustainability – LiveShare presentation slides

City of Culture: Re-starting the night-time economy – LiveShare presentation slides

Operating Sustainably: A North-South Perspective on Transport and COVID-19 – LiveShare Presentation slides

Better Prepared: Learning Lessons from the COVID-19 Crisis – LiveShare presentation slides

Re-Energise Your Business: Diversifying in Response to Covid-19 – LiveShare presentation slides

Keeping Our Air Clean: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility – LiveShare presentation slides

Pedestrian Priority Streets: Benefits for Schools, Businesses and your Health. Presentation Slides.

Westminster City Council: Clean Air Villages webinar – presentation slides – 28.07.20

Ditch Diesel – Your Electric Vehicle Options Explained – LiveShare presentation slides

Parks and Open Spaces: Keeping Our Air Clean in a Post-Covid Era Presentation Slides

High Streets As Havens: Re-opening Businesses Safely and Sustainably – presentation slides

Getting from A-B: CRP LiveShare Session presentation slides

A Clean Air Future Event – Notes and Top Tips for Action on Air Quality

deliverBEST/Camden Ability – May 2018

AV Freight – April 2018

Post & Parcel Live – May 2018

Walkable London – March 2018

UDL Short Journeys – October 2017

NLA Active Travel Summit – August 2017

What is the Role for Electric Freight Vehicles in Urban Logistics? – May 2018

Healthy Greening to CABB – July 2018

Freight in the City – November 2018

Great British Fleet Event – January 2019

Business Congestion Group – January 2019

CABB Meeting 3 April

CRP LoCITY Vans WG Presentation

FREVUE GLA Group Fleet Meeting

Freight TAILS FREVUE London Partners Meeting

CABB GTB Steering Group

CABB Steering Group 10 August

Beyond the Impact of Car Journeys – Urban Freight