Healthy Streets Everyday

Healthy Streets Everyday

Active Dates: 2019 - 2022
Number of Project Partners: 19
Lead Borough: London Borough of Islington
CRP Project Lead: Fiona Coull

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(New Healthy Streets Everyday interactive map showcasing initiatives, latest stories, and contacts to create your own School and Play Streets.)

As part of Healthy Streets Everyday, Cross River Partnership is proactively working with a range of partners (see below) to make lasting and transformative change to streets throughout London. The programme is helping to aid Londons’ COVID response by enabling walking and cycling through initiatives such as school streets and car-free zones, both of which align with TfL’s Streetspace programme.

For example, our ‘School Streets Hotline’ has been providing partners with information and guidance on implementing school streets, whilst our upcoming programme of webinars aims to inform the wider community on topics such as the benefits of active travel and how journey planning tools, such as CRP’s Clean Air Route Finder, can be used to avoid pollution and aid social distancing.

Creating streets that are pleasant, safe places for all Londoners’ to enjoy has become more important than ever, and these are just some of the initiatives that the Healthy Streets Everyday project is delivering as part of the following six key workstreams:

  1. Streetscape improvements
  2. New traffic regulations to make streets more pedestrian-friendly
  3. Car-free behaviour
  4. Guidance on how to create Healthy Streets Everyday
  5. Communications
  6. Evaluation and monitoring of project interventions

For further information on Healthy Streets Everyday please contact Fiona Coull – HSE Project Manager


Mayor's Air Quality Fund

Project Partners

London Borough of Barnet Cadogan Estates Cross River Partnership City of London Corporation London Borough of Ealing Global Action Plan London Borough of Greenwich London Borough of Hackney London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham Hammersmith BID London Borough of Haringey Illuminated River Foundation London Borough of Islington Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea King's College London London Borough of Lamebth London Borough of Lewisham London Car Free Day Mayor of London London Borough of Merton Northbank BID London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames Transport for London London Borough of Tower Hamlets London Borough of Waltham Forest London Borough of Wandsworth City of Westminster University of Westminster

Useful Downloads & Links

Healthy Streets Everyday Summary
Guidance Document
Making School Streets Healthier: Learning from Temporary and Emergency Closures
Global Streetscape Responses to COVID-19
Developments in streetscape design to facilitate cycling, walking, and social distancing. February 2022
Meaningful Monitoring: Providing the Path to Positive Change
Mobility Justice and Transport Inclusivity
Five stories of mobility (in)justice faced by individuals with a mobility impairment.
Creating Parklets for Community and Business Resilience
Your Project Guide
Greening out the Grey: The Value of Green Infrastructure for People and Places
Healthy Streets Everyday Guidance Document August 2021
Clean Air Day 2021 Competition Poster
Clean Air Day 2021 Competition Terms and Conditions
Car Free Day Mural Competition
Information for teachers
Car Free Day Mural Competition
Information for students
Car Free Day Mural Competition - Terms and Conditions
Car Free Day Mural Competition - Comms Assets
Car Free Day Mural Competition - Teacher Presentation
My Car Free Day Mural Design Template
Artist Brief: Healthy Streets Everyday School Mural Design Competition
Tower Hamlets
10 Tips to Improve Air Quality At Schools
10 Tips to Help your Business Improve Air Quality
Clean Air Day 2021 School Challenge
Clean Air Day 2021 Business Challenge
Clean Air Day 2021 Communications Materials
HSE Case Study - Hackney School Streets Hotline
Providing guidance and support with the implementation of School Streets
HSE Case Study - Waltham Forest CityTrees
Improving air quality through biotechnology and urban greening
HSE Case Study - Parklets in Practice
Providing additional green space for communities and businesses
HSE Case Study - Pollution Patrolling
A novel way of monitoring pollution in the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames
HSE Case Study - Dr Bike events
Providing cycle maintenance across London
HSE Case Study - Old Bethnal Green Road Liveable Streets
Improving congestion and safety in Tower Hamlets
HSE Case Study - City of London's Lunchtime Streets
Encouraging people to come back to the city
HSE Case Study - Mellison Road Pocket Park
Providing community space, encouraging active travel and creating sustainable drainage systems
HSE Case Study - Social Media Campaigns
Raising awareness around the issues of air quality
HSE Case Study - Kings Road Christmas Lights Switch On
Closing Roads for Christmas
HSE Case Study - Finchley's Cargo Bike Couriers
Enabling low emission deliveries for businesses in Barnet
HSE Case Study - Going Green
How small green spaces can make a difference
Streetspace for London - 2020 (COVID response)
Interim Guidance for Boroughs
Streetspace for London - supplementary guidance on School Streets
Supporting Boroughs with the rapid delivery of School Streets across London
Car Free Zones in Central London - 2020 (COVID response)
More space for social distancing when walking and cycling, ensuring that the people who have no choice but to return to work in central London can do so as safely as possible
Reallocating road space: Government Guidance (COVID response)
School Streets to ensure child safety (COVID response)
Global Action Plan, along with nine NGOs, are calling on councils to trial “School Street” schemes in light of schools reopening to aid safe social distancing at the school gate.
The Walking Tube in Central London
A feasibility and implementation guide
The UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy
Roadmap for how and when the UK will adjust its response to the COVID-19 crisis.
Working safely during coronavirus
Guidance to help employers, employees and the self-employed understand how to work safely during the coronavirus pandemic.
Oslo's Car Free Livability Programme
Presentation slides
Oslo's Car Free Livability Programme
Webinar 01.11.19
Measuring Pedestrian Activity Guidance
Mayor of London
Useful documents and links
A Handbook for Nature on Prescription to Promote Mental Health