Central London Sub Regional Transport Partnership

The Central London Sub-Regional Transport Partnership (CLSRTP) collaborates and acts on transport issues affecting central London

The Central London Sub-Regional Transport Partnership (CLSRTP) is a collective of transport officers from central London’s eight local authorities. The partnership, which Cross River Partnership manages and provides strategic direction for, on behalf of TfL, provides a borough-level focus on sub-regional transport priorities.

In addition to enabling regular collaboration and information-sharing between boroughs, the partnership facilitates pilots, trials, demonstrations, policy, strategy and research.

In 2016/17 the partnership proposes to facilitate:

  • A market based delivery and servicing plan
  • Implementation of the Villiers street delivery and servicing plan (a plan that was drafted in the 2015/16 program)
  • A walkability intervention to promote walking
  • Analysis of the impact of 20 mph limits in central London
  • European funding for tailored freight logistics programme (FreightTAILS)
  • Central London Freight Quality Partnership funding

In 2015/16 the partnership facilitated:

  • A secure cycle parking demand and feasibility study
  • An area-based delivery and servicing review
  • A waste consolidation improvement programme
  • European funding for tailored freight logistics programme (FreightTAILS)
  • A scoping study for a Low Emission Neighbourhood

“The CLSRTP is a valuable opportunity for all central London borough transport officers, policy makers, and place shapers to collaborate on the key challenges facing central London. The partnership has been instrumental in testing new approaches to freight, encouraging walking and improving air quality, which are of relevance to all partner organisations and are now becoming mainstream approaches to transforming central London into a healthy place to work, visit and conduct business.”

Dan Johnson, Borough Projects and Programmes, Transport for London

CRP Team members

Jane Overington

Place Making Project Officer

Susannah Wilks


Project stats

Walking and cycling accounts for 42% of journeys in Central London made by those who live in the capital
Central London accounts for 40% of all journeys made by public transport in London
There are an average of 25.9 millions trips a day in London increasing at a rate of 1.5% a year

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