Central London Sub Regional Transport Partnership

The Central London Sub-Regional Transport Partnership (CLSRTP) is a collective of transport officers from central London’s ten local authorities. The partnership, which Cross River Partnership manages and provides strategic direction for, on behalf of TfL, provides a borough-level focus on sub-regional transport priorities.

In addition to enabling regular collaboration and information-sharing between boroughs, the partnership facilitates pilots, trials, demonstrations, policy, strategy and research.  The partnership delivers outcomes for boroughs and TfL, such as those specifically targeting the healthy streets approach to transport.    CRP has developed a forward programme for 2018/19 with our partners and is currently delivering, or planning delivery of the following projects;

  • Delivery of Phase 2 of the Market Delivery & Servicing Plan actions
  • A Healthy Streets intervention to improve the walking and cycling experience and create a sense of place on Ravenet Street
  • Network capability for EV freight – Review of CLSRTP borough depots
  • Coordination of Traffic management Strategies – Action Plan to Vision Zero in central London
  • Proposal to Innovate UK for funding to explore delivering key actions from AV freight or exploring River freight better use of the waterways for consolidation
  • Cycle freight; maximising the potential of electric cargo bikes for last mile delivery.
  • Cycle stations across CLSRTP boroughs with refill points for the dual purpose of encouraging active travel and reducing plastic waste by offering free refills
  • Continued support for the delivery of the Go Ultra Low City Scheme
  • Continued support of the Central London Freight Quality Partnership (CLFQP)

In previous years the partnership has facilitated:

  • An innovative study into the impact of Autonomous Freight vehicles in central London
  • A ‘Walking Tube’ report encouraging various intervention to increase walking between London’s busiest tube stations
  • A scoping study for securing grid infrastructure capacity for the electrification of commercial fleets rship has facilitated:
  • An innovative study into the impact of Autonomous Freight vehicles in central London


CRP Team members

Susannah Wilks


Tom Linton-Smith

Deliver London Project Manager

Brendon Harper

Air Quality Project Manager

Project partners