Transport Emissions Calculator

22nd November 2022 / Posted by Sefinat Otaru

CRP recently launched the Transport Emissions Calculator (TEC), a tool to help London drivers and fleet operators in London estimate the impact of their trips  on air quality. It was developed as part of the Defra-funded Clean Air Villages 4 programme

The Calculator uses Defra’s emissions factor toolkit to help users assess how much carbon dioxide, nitrous oxides and particulate matter is produced by their road journeys. It also estimates how rail and river journeys affect local air quality.

Ideally, the tool will inform users looking to inform their decision to

  • Consolidate their trips so that they make fewer journeys
  • Switch their trips from peak travel time to off-peak hours); or even
  • Change to a zero- or low-emission mode of transport such as an electric vehicle or a cargo bike

The TEC also allows users to vehicle counts from traffic data in a specific London borough to estimate emissions generated by local traffic. This could be useful to measuring how effective traffic reduction interventions (for example, school streets) are by comparing before and after results.

Try the calculator or contact CRP Project Manager Sefinat Otaru ( if you would like to carry out a more detailed analysis!