JUST STREETS in the Netherlands

25th June 2024 / Posted by Sefinat Otaru

CRP is pleased to inform you that the Just Streets consortium had a successful site visit to Amsterdam earlier this month. We visited Amsterdam to see street interventions that fostered fairer, safer, more inclusive streets. We visited: 

  • The Rijnbuurt District to explore how to repurpose end-of-life infrastructure to meet residents’ current and future needs. 
  • Frans Halburt Area to see how a new parking garage removed all public street parking, eventually leading to a substantially transformed parking space. 
  • Weesperstratt, one of the city’s busiest thoroughfares, to learn about how its temporary closure affected traffic, safety and air quality and lessons from the exercise. 

Amsterdam was followed by the three-day Urban Future Conference in Rotterdam, which brought together 2,000 representatives from urban planning, architecture, mobility, energy, real estate, housing, tech, and public administration. We learned how they transformed their cities, including lessons from successes and failures. We also got to share information about Just Streets with them, answering questions and taking on board helpful suggestions. 

We are looking forward to hosting our European partners in London this November.

We are excited to showcase the interventions we are currently working on with our partners, and to continue our collective efforts in shaping the future of our cities.

For more information on the Horizon Europe funded Just Streets project contact CRP Project Manager Sefinat Otaru, sefinatotaru@crossriverpartnership.org.

Exciting Updates on the Waterloo Freight Hub

25th June 2024 / Posted by Ross Phillips

Over the past few months, the CRP team has been busy working on securing permissions for the Waterloo Freight Hub to deliver a 6-Month Road-Fed Trial from a small space in the Waterloo undercroft.  

Parcels will arrive in the undercroft in 2 van trips in the morning, before being sorted and sent by up to 10 cargo bikes across all of London. With up to 3.5 million people and 200,000 businesses in inner London, this trial could impact a significant number of people.  

After positive conversations with partner organisations Network Rail, Department for Transport and London & Continental Railways, the Department for Transport have agreed for the 6-month project to go ahead. CRP is grateful for the support of the stakeholders on this project.  

The next steps will be to prepare the small space in the undercroft for the project, before the 6-Month Trial kicks off in the coming months.   

For more information on the Waterloo Freight Hub, please contact Ross Phillips, Sustainable Transport Manager, on rossphillips@crossriverpartnership.org  

SGL June Update – Focus on Kerbside Management

25th June 2024 / Posted by Fiona Coull

This month has seen a lot of progress for CRP’s Smarter Greener Logistics (SGL) programme, particularly with our Digital Kerbside Management Trial. The trial uses Grid Smarter Cities Virtual Loading Bay technology to dynamically manage the kerbside, helping to improve congestion and air quality in the local area. 

Here’s a quick overview of what’s been happening: 

  • We’ve launched a Virtual Loading Bay in the City of London on Watling Street. The bay aims to service Ye Olde Watling pub and the Williamson Tavern, however it will also be available to local businesses in the area. CRP have been out speaking with local businesses to explain the trial and encourage uptake for their deliveries. 
  • We’ve also identified three sites in the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames that could be suitable for trialling virtual loading bays. 
  • Finally, our two virtual loading bays on the Cut in London Borough of Lambeth are starting to see more usage. CRP has been working with the council to encourage uptake by local businesses and their suppliers, so it’s great to see more deliveries taking place in the bays! 

You can find out more about the trial and how to book the Virtual Loading Bays here.    

Information Leaflet Supporting Transition to EV’s

25th June 2024 / Posted by Sobastian Frazer

Are you considering transitioning to Electric Vehicles (EV’s) and unsure where to start? 🔌

As part of our Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs funded Smarter Greener Logistics programme, CRP has designed an EV Information Leaflet which provides a comprehensive overview of the benefits and funding available to support the transition to EV’s.

Read the full EV Leaflet 👉 https://rb.gy/s1vlf2

As well as providing a more greener and cleaner alternative to diesel or petrol cars, there is a host of financial benefits to transitioning to EV’s and supporting the UK Governments ambitions to meet net zero emission targets by 2050. 🍃

CRP’s EV leaflet is designed to support local authorities, businesses and residents to develop an appetite for EVs, increase the uptake of EVs and provide a foundational starting point.

CRP 30 Years – 30 Shapers of CRP Campaign

25th June 2024 / Posted by Susannah Wilks

As part of celebrating 30 years of CRP, we have been hearing from 30 individuals who have shaped CRP significantly during its long history.  🥂 Huge thank you to the 30 Shapers that took part in this campaign, that ran over the month of May. 

The 30 Shapers campaign showed the global reach of CRP, with contributions from as far afield as New Zealand and Australia.

Individuals who shaped CRP have gone on to amazing roles in the public, private and community sectors, spanning the Property, Planning, Architecture, Construction, Transport, Environment, Sustainability, Housing, Finance and Communications industries.  CRP is very proud to maintain networks and expertise that span all of these professions.

The campaign gained good traction over social media, achieving hundreds of impressions and reactions, and re-connecting individuals who hadn’t been in touch for a long time.  Thank you to everyone who is engaging with us! 

The campaign has flowed seamlessly into a campaign celebrating the Future of CRP, and the ways that the current CRP team members are all contributing to that.  Some of the CRP team are even supporting by turning 30 themselves this year – the secret is safe with them! 

In September we will run another #CRP30Years campaign, this time remembering the 30 Awards that CRP has won for its work with Partners delivering innovative projects to make London fairer, greener and safer. 

In October we will run a #CRP30Years campaign thanking the current 30 CRP Partners for all of their support and guidance.  The number 30 has taken on a whole new significance! 

If you would like to find out more about CRP, past, present or future, please contact CRP Director susannahwilks@crossriverpartnership.org or visit the CRP website: www.crossriverpartnership.org 

University of Westminster Hiring

25th June 2024 / Posted by Sefinat Otaru

University of Westminster’s Transport and Mobilities Research Group is looking for a Research Fellow with a strong background in transport and mobilities research, and experience in project management. The fellow will work with them on Just Streets, a project funded by Horizon Europe.   

The fellow will work with the Group on successful approaches to guiding cities toward sustainable, safe, and active mobility.  

The fellow will have the unique opportunity to provide technical support to  the Cross River Partnership, contributing to real-world interventions for the Just Streets project in London. 

This is a fixed-term position until 30 June 2027. Read more about it here. 

Discontinuing Clean Air Route Finder

25th June 2024 / Posted by Sefinat Otaru

After nine fulfilling years of being your trusted resource for finding alternative walking and cycling routes to reduce your exposure to air pollution, we will shut down our Clean Air Route Finder on Thursday, 4 July 2024.  

We sincerely appreciate your support and trust in Clean Air Route Finder. 

We recognize that this news may be disheartening for many of you, especially those who have come to rely on our platform to find healthier, quieter routes. Unfortunately, we can no longer maintain it to the high standards you deserve. 

If you’re looking for new walking routes in London, we encourage you to visit Footways‘ network of quiet and enjoyable routes. 

At Cross River Partnership, we want to provide you with helpful tools. Visit our website at crossriverpartnership.org to see what else we offer. 

London Climate Action Week (22nd – 30th June)

25th June 2024 / Posted by Sarah Meertens

This week marks the 6th annual London Climate Action Week (LCAW)! 

The aim of the festival is to bring together world-leading climate professionals and organisations from London and across the globe with local individuals and communities to explore the complex realities of London in relation to global climate action. The festival sees over 300 diverse events taking place throughout the week of 22-30 June 2024. 

This year, the conference especially addresses the following key themes: 

  1. The road to climate ambition at COP 30.
  2. Financing the global climate transition.
  3. Delivering a net zero and resilient UK.
  4. Mobilising the whole of society for climate action.

To learn more about the conference and how to sign up to its many exciting events, check out LCAW’s website here: https://www.londonclimateactionweek.org/  

Collaboration and partnership-working are at the heart of CRP and are vital for innovative and inclusive climate action strategies. By pooling resources, knowledge, and expertise, we can enable more effective and comprehensive solutions. 

Some of our most recent partnership projects promote green infrastructure and reduce the reliance on private vehicles include HORIZON Europe-funded JUST STREET programme and the Mayor of London-funded Healthy Streets Everyday II programme, contributing to a more sustainable and resilient city. 

Knowledge Exchange with Visitors from Sweden

25th June 2024 / Posted by Ross Phillips

In early June, the CRP team were joined by visitors from Stockholm and Gothenburg to share knowledge and learnings from projects on freight and air quality that have been implemented in London.  

The visit was coordinated by C40 Cities and the Greater London Authority, and will support Stockholm in promoting and rolling out opportunities for zero emission freight in the city.  

CRP presented on the Clean Air Logistics for London and Smarter Greener Logistics programmes, and held informative discussions on river, rail and cargo bike trials that have taken place over the past couple of years, with a particular focus on business engagement.  

A short walk to the Pimlico Hub followed, where the group could see these projects in action, to help to understand how a micro logistics hub using underutilised space in central parts of cities can be creatively used for freight and logistics with significant air quality benefits. Thank you to Decarbon Logistics and Delivery Mates for presenting and talking through the project so clearly and helpfully! 

A huge Thank You and Tack to our Swedish visitors and to C40 Cities for coordinating a successful visit, and we look forward to continually sharing knowledge on the public realm and active travel across Europe through our new Horizon Europe-funded Just Streets programme. 

For more information, please contact Ross Phillips, Sustainable Transport Manager, on rossphillips@crossriverpartnership.org  

Kicking off Healthy Streets Everyday II

25th June 2024 / Posted by Ross Phillips

Last month, we were joined by our 14 project partners and the Greater London Authority to officially launch Healthy Streets Everyday II, a 3-year programme promoting active travel and green infrastructure under the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund. 

Healthy Streets Everyday II will build on the success of MAQF3-funded programme Healthy Streets Everyday, led by Cross River Partnership (CRP). CRP is very grateful to the Mayor Of London for this latest round of MAQF4 funding. 

During the kick-off meeting, each participating local authority, strategic agency and Business Improvement District had the opportunity to share their plans for the next three years and discuss what they are hoping to get out of the programme. 

We’re thrilled about the innovative projects and collaborations that lie ahead! 

For more information contact CRP Project Lead for Healthy Streets Everyday II, Ross Phillips at rossphillips@crossriverpartnership.org