Monitoring Euston Green Link

Euston Green Link serves as a low exposure alternative to often congested and heavily polluted Euston Road for people cycling or walking between The Regent’s Park and Euston Station.

Over the past year, Euston Town has implemented a variety of measures including, most recently, a green wall at Drummond and Gower Streets to make the Link a pleasant route for pedestrians and cyclists.

In early August, CRP continued to support Euston Town BID by completing the second half of a monitoring exercise along the Link which runs along Longford Street and Drummond Street. CRP carried out before- and after- monitoring along the link to assess the impact of the BID’s interventions. This including active traveller counts and surveying passers-by about their impressions of the street.  The results of the exercise will be analysed and presented in a comprehensive report to the BID.

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