Emissions-based Parking Charges to be Introduced in Westminster

27th February 2024 / Posted by Illyas Kambala

Westminster City Council have announced that they are introducing emissions-based parking charges for residents who drive into the city.  

The scheme will see vehicles being charged relative to the levels of CO2 they produce. Vehicles that produce less CO2 will be charged less in comparison to those that produce more.   

The aim is to encourage residents and people who drive into the city to switch to low polluting vehicles and improve air quality. The charge to park EV’s in the borough will remain low at the equivalent of £1.50 a week to park outside the residents’ home, visitors who pay to park will also still pay less than those driving petrol and diesel cars. 

The changes are designed to help Westminster reach its goal of becoming Net Zero by 2040 and tackle poor air quality that contributes to thousands of premature deaths in London each year. 

Find out more: Westminster launches emissions-based parking charges to tackle poor air quality | Westminster City Council 

Celebrating 30 Years of Partnerships

27th February 2024 / Posted by Susannah Wilks

CRP is really pleased to be celebrating its 30th year of Delivering London’s Future Together with all of our public, private, voluntary and community sector partners! 

In particular, CRP is especially pleased to be working in partnership with like-minded organisations from across Europe again – sharing knowledge and expertise with one another for the common good.  

Last week some of the CRP Team were at a trans-national meeting of some 17 countries in Turin, Italy, with the aim of working together to make all of our streets more just, equitable and accessible, for all groups of society, at all times of the day and night.  We will continue working together over the next year or so to deliver some interesting and innovative pilot schemes – watch this space for the London showcase projects!  

CRP has a long and proud history of working with European partners, including:  

For further information please contact CRP Director Susannah Wilks susannahwilks@crossriverpartnership.org 

Smarter Greener Logistics Update – Working with our Partners

27th February 2024 / Posted by Fiona Coull

CRP has been working closely with our partners to progress the Smarter Greener Logistics (SGL) programme. This month we have achieved some key milestones, none of which would have been possible without the hard work and enthusiasm of our Local Authority, BID, Strategic and Private sector partners. 

Here are some of the achievements we’ve delivered this month through collaborative and partnership working:  

  • This month CRP hosted a ‘Courier Fair’ at the University of Westminster. The event provided an informal forum for couriers, local authorities, BID and strategic agency officers, to share opportunities to collaborate and move forward the sustainable logistics agenda. Read our press release here
  • CRP has been working closely with GRID Smarter Cities, the London Boroughs of Camden, Lambeth and Richmond, and the City of London Corporation to develop a Virtual Loading Bay trial utilising digital kerbside management technology. This month saw a key milestone achieved with all the partners shortlisting two locations to take forward for the trial. 
  • Finally, following a successful 9-month trial period, the Pimlico Hub will be continuing to operate independently for the next year. The trial, which was delivered by CRP, Westminster City Council, Decarbon Logistics Solution, Delivery Mates and Q-Park, is a brilliant demonstration of how partnership working can lead to permanent and sustainable change. Read our press release here 

Thank you to our SGL partners for your continued hard work!  

To find out more about CRP’s SGL Programme, contact CRP Senior Programme Manager Fiona Coull fionacoull@crossriverpartnership.org 

CRP attends Central London Vision Zero Forum

27th February 2024 / Posted by Katherine Fairfax

CRP Project Manager Katherine Fairfax recently attended the Central London Vision Zero Forum, a partnership coordinated by City of London, working together to achieve Vision Zero.  

Vision Zero is the elimination of deaths and serious injuries on London’s roads and forms an important part of the Mayor’s Transport Strategy. The Mayor’s Transport Strategy sets out the goal that, by 2041, all deaths and serious injuries will be eliminated from London’s transport network.  

The partnership encourages collaboration and provides the opportunity for knowledge sharing and the promotion of best practice for achieving Vision Zero across Central London.  

For further information, contact CRP Project Manager Katherine Fairfax katherinefairfax@crossriverpartnership.org  

Just Streets Launches in Turin

27th February 2024 / Posted by Sefinat Otaru

CRP was delighted to attend the Just Streets kick-off meeting last week in Turin, Italy. We joined more than 60 people from 17 countries to begin developing a new vision of spatial justice where streets become a public space for all.

We are looking forward to participating in this Horizon Europe project, coordinated by Fondazione LINKS.  Just Streets aims to transform cities’ car-centric mobility narratives by promoting walking, cycling and sustainable modes of mobility, as well as making streets more people-friendly.

Marginalised social groups, previously underrepresented in mobility infrastructure decision-making, will be a core focus, allowing Just Streets to create highly valuable know-how, critical in creating better, more just, and sustainable cities for all citizens.

As part of the Just Streets project, CRP plans to implement three street-level solutions in London.

For more information, please contact CRP Project Manager Sefinat Otaru, sefinatotaru@crossriverpartnership.org

Celebrating the success of CRP’s Courier Fair

26th February 2024 / Posted by Sarah Meertens

It’s been nearly three weeks since the CRP Courier Fair, and we’ve received lots of great feedback from the zero emission couriers in attendance, and London’s local authorities, Business Improvement Districts and strategic agencies.  

The Courier Fair, held at the University of Westminster, provided an informal forum for couriers and local authority, BID and strategic agency officers, to share opportunities to collaborate, partner, discuss vacant or underutilised industrial land, and explore policy and planning support. 

The event was made possible through Smarter Greener Logistics (SGL), a Defra-funded project led by Westminster City Council in collaboration with 26 project partners which aims to minimise the impact of freight on noise, air quality, traffic and pavement space in London. 

City of London’s Councillor Mary Durcan who opened the event said: 

“I’d like to thank Cross River Partnership for setting up this Courier Fair, bringing together logistics operators big and small in London with those in local authorities, business improvement districts and strategic agencies to support each other to help make logistics more sustainable, efficient and collaborative. These issues can’t be solved by any one organisation alone. It needs all of us in this room to come together.” 

Thank you to everyone who attended. We are thrilled about the new relationships, collaborations and ideas fostered by the fair! 

For more information, read the full press release.

Read our post-event resource document here which includes CRP’s Smarter Greener Logistics workstreams and previous case studies on freight and air quality.

For any queries, please contact CRP Project Officer Sarah Meertens sarahmeertens@crossriverpartnership.org

The UK becomes Europe’s biggest ZEV market

26th February 2024 / Posted by Sobastian Frazer

Electric vehicles are gradually becoming the dominating transportation vehicle within the bus market. Helping to support the decarbonisation of HGV vehicles, improving the air quality on our streets, and dismantling the demand for fossil fuelled vehicles on our roads.  

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), following three onerous years, the UK’s bus, coach, and minibus market is growing back as 4,932 new units were registered in 2023.  The UK’s net zero emission journey has been pioneered by both electric and hydrogen vehicles, which account for 45.1% of new single and double decker bus registrations. 

The growth has been heavily backed by strong investment in single and double decker busses, which account for registrations being up by 52.5% and 173.6% respectively (SMMT, 2024). Furthermore, uptake has been supported by the UK Government’s Zero Emission Bus Regional Area (ZEBRA) funding, originally awarded in 2022, and finance being provided throughout 2023.  

Engineering Analyst, Andy Harris at Wrightbus describes the shift from diesel Euro 6 to zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell as the biggest shift in the industry since we moved from the horse and cart to a bus. 

Greater demand for ZEV will continue to drive forward the procurement of ZEV vehicle types and help pave the way to improve the adverse effects on the environment, helping to address poor air quality, reduce carbon emissions as well as providing wider economic benefits associated with transitioning.  

Read more here: Next stop, Net Zero: Britain boasts Europe’s biggest new zero emission bus market – SMMT 

New London Overground Names Celebrate London’s Wonderful and Varied Cultural Heritage

26th February 2024 / Posted by Katie Smith

As part of a new project to make travel on the London Overground simpler and easier for users, Transport for London have announced names for each of the six overground routes.  

The London Overground network has grown considerably over recent years and today the network covers over 113 stations.  

The lines have been named to celebrate London and its communities and were informed by engagement with various groups including customers, local historians, academics, and transport specialists. 

The new lines, detailed below, will come into effect by the end of 2024. 

  1. The Lioness Line, Watford Junction to Euston: Honouring the legacy and achievements of the England women’s football team.  
  2. The Windrush Line, Highbury & Islington to New Cross/Clapham Junction/Crystal Palace/West Croydon: Recognising the contributions of the Windrush generation. 
  3. The Weaver Line, Liverpool Street to Enfield Town/Cheshunt/Chingford: Celebrating an area of London known for its textile trade.  
  4. The Liberty Line, Romford to Upminster: Celebrating the long-standing freedom that is a defining feature of London.  
  5. The Mildmay Line, Richmond and Clapham Junction to Stratford: Honouring the work of the Mildmay NHS hospital during the HIV/AIDS crisis.  
  6. The Suffragette Line, Gospel Oak to Barking Riverside: Celebrating this movement with its London links, that fought for votes for women and paved the way for womens rights.  

Read more about the line names and the powerful stories behind them: https://madeby.tfl.gov.uk/2024/02/15/overground_line_names/?intcmp=75213  

Exciting Pimlico Hub Trial Update!

26th February 2024 / Posted by Isidora Rivera Vollmer

Together with Westminster City Council, we are excited to announce that after a successful 9-month trial period, the low-emission courier Delivery Mates and Q-Park have come to an agreement and will continue to independently operate from the Pimlico micro logistics hub for a minimum of 12 months. Decarbon Logistics Solutions facilitated the conversations between Delivery Mates and Q-Park UK, encouraging them to continue the hub operations after the trial ended. The news was published via an official press release on 16th February. 

The CRP and WCC-funded trial, which aimed to support low-emission last-mile deliveries in the City of Westminster, was launched on 17th April 2023 and ended on 31st December 2023. The trial was supported by Decarbon Logistics Solutions, and carried out by Delivery Mates low-emission couriers. The project was part of the Defra-funded Clean Air Logistics for London (CALL) and Smarter Greener Logistics (SGL) programmes. 

After 9 months of operations, the e-cargo bikes travelled total distance of 22,578 km (14,029 miles), which led to significant emissions reductions of 4,186 kg of CO2, 15,141 g of NOx, and 303 g of PM2.5 when comparing the e-cargo bikes to polluting van deliveries on the last mile. 

Translated into more tangible examples, by using the CRP Clean Air Tool, these emission savings would equate to: 

  • CO2 emissions from 85 football pitch-sized forest fires  
  • NOx emissions equivalent to what 459 people emit in one day  
  • 6.8 sycamore maple trees required to filter out these PM2.5 emissions  

We are currently working on an in-depth report which will include detailed data, insights, learnings, and recommendations from the 9-month micro logistics hub trial in Pimlico. This will be published on our website in the coming months. 

For more information, please content CRP Project Manager Isidora Rivera Vollmer isidorariveravollmer@crossriverpartnership.org

Active Travel Underfunded in England

26th February 2024 / Posted by Guillaume Strebelle

A recent report from the Institute for Public Policy Research sheds light on the underinvestment in active travel initiatives across England.  

Despite the proven benefits of walking and cycling for public health, air quality, and climate change mitigation, these modes of transportation receive only a small fraction of the transportation budget (2%). 

Though London spends relatively generously in terms of active travel infrastructure, the rest of the country lags behind.  

Local authorities face significant barriers due to inadequate resources for developing cycling and walking infrastructure.

The report calls for a reprioritisation of funding and long-term planning to make active travel safer and more accessible for all residents. Urgent action is needed from the government to address this issue and promote walking and cycling as sustainable alternatives to car dependency. 

Read the full article: https://airqualitynews.com/health/active-travel-in-england-suffering-from-chronic-underfunding-says-report/