CRP Annual Report & Business Plan 23-25

13th May 2024 / Posted by Katie Smith

CRP is pleased to publish its Annual Report and Business Plan 2023 – 2025. This was signed off by the CRP Board at its most recent meeting in April 2024.  

This year, CRP launch a special 30th anniversary edition Annual Report and Business Plan, with dedicated pages reflecting on CRP’s many achievements over its lifetime as well as hearing from individuals who have been a crucial part of CRP’s journey.

Reflecting on the past year, highlights include the retrofitting of Alb-E, the first electric workboat on the River Thames, the continued development of the Waterloo Freight Hub project and the long-term adoption of the Pimlico Micro-Logistics Hub, following a successful trial period!

This year, CRP will be continuing to deliver its Defra-funded Smarter Greener Logistics programme. Plus April saw the launch of CRP’s new Healthy Streets Everyday II programme, to deliver more Healthy Streets across London.

CRP is also excited to have secured Horizon Group Europe funding for the first time since Brexit to support delivery of the JUST STREETS project. 

A huge thank you to Westminster City Council for playing the accountable body role for Cross River Partnership.