Celebrating 30 Years of Partnerships

27th February 2024 / Posted by Susannah Wilks

CRP is really pleased to be celebrating its 30th year of Delivering London’s Future Together with all of our public, private, voluntary and community sector partners! 

In particular, CRP is especially pleased to be working in partnership with like-minded organisations from across Europe again – sharing knowledge and expertise with one another for the common good.  

Last week some of the CRP Team were at a trans-national meeting of some 17 countries in Turin, Italy, with the aim of working together to make all of our streets more just, equitable and accessible, for all groups of society, at all times of the day and night.  We will continue working together over the next year or so to deliver some interesting and innovative pilot schemes – watch this space for the London showcase projects!  

CRP has a long and proud history of working with European partners, including:  

For further information please contact CRP Director Susannah Wilks susannahwilks@crossriverpartnership.org