Last Mile Logistics


Last Mile Logistics

Active Dates: May 2011 - June 2015
Number of Project Partners: 19
CRP Project Lead: Susannah Wilks

interreg logoLaMiLo was a 2 year Interreg IVB North West Europe (NWE) project part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

LaMiLo aimed to create a step change in freight deliveries by fully considering the ‘last mile’ of a supply chain when planning a freight logistics journey. This was to ensure a more efficient and integrated logistics approach throughout North West Europe (NWE). The project brought together experts from all sectors of the freight transport industry to change behaviour of private companies, the public sector and consumers in order to make better use of existing transport infrastructure and networks.

The partner countries were Netherlands, Germany, France, UK, Ireland, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

Total Budget: €7.3 million (50% match funded)

Who benefitted:

Transport suppliers and operators looking for guidance to improve productivity and customer satisfaction through increased efficiency of the delivery of goods.
The LaMiLo project was of benefit to:

  • Local authority planning and transportation departments and central and national governments supporting collaborative solutions to reduce traffic problems and best practices strategies for large scale implementation
  • EU, national, regional and local policy makers wanting to improve their transport networks and work towards the ambitions of the EU 2050 Transport White Paper
  • Academics writing research papers on North West European logistics and last mile solutions
  • Local communities seeking to benefit from a more balanced and sustainable freight transport network, reduced congestion, improved air quality and job creation
  • Other, related EU projects through opportunities for sharing knowledge
  • Transport procurers seeking to enhance efficiency and introduce sustainability into their supply chains

CRP’s role

CRP Budget: €299,000 (50% match funded)

Investigating how industry regulations currently affect innovation and collaboration in the logistics sector, CRP tested models of community and business engagement to ensure the operational needs of sustainable last mile logistics were reflected in policy.


  • A review of local authority policies and regulations in each partner location, to understand the impact policy has on the operation of consolidation centre’s and last mile deliveries of goods to the public sector. The review will made recommendations to achieve a comprehensive, coordinated approach to public sector deliveries, specifically focusing on consolidation and last mile logistics. A summary of the policy measures can be downloaded below.
  • An end user assessment of the LaMiLo demonstrators.
  • A feasibility study looking at how the use of consolidation centre’s can be linked to railway hubs to reduce the sustainability impact deliveries supported by the London Euston demonstrator.
  • A summary report on the impact of law, planning, transport regulation and market viability on last mile logistics in North West Europe. The report was supported by best practice case studies illustrating how to overcome barriers that affect innovative last mile solutions.
  • The deliverables of the activity was used to inform regulatory bodies and legal entities on the current barrier faced by logistics companies, with the aim of influencing them to take action to amend regulation at a national and regional level for more sustainable, consolidated last mile deliveries.

“What we hope to achieve by doing the consolidation centre project is demonstrate to other public and private sector partners that consolidation can work and can deliver the benefits that we’ve seen: environmental, operational and financial benefits. We’ve delivered over 60,000 items and compared to the before and after positions for the supply chains in the pilot, we have approximately halved the delivery-vehicle traffic going into and around London and halved What we the associated emissions. So far, the work has been a great success.”
Kevin Churchill, Head of Procurement – LB Camden

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Project Partners

Useful Downloads & Links

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