Freight TAILS

Freight TAILS

Active Dates: May 2016 - May 2018
Number of Project Partners: 9
CRP Project Lead: Carol Quamina

CRP led this project co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, through the URBACT III Action Planning Networks programme. The project brought 10 European cities together to develop tailored freight management policies that addressed the negative impacts of urban freight movement and stimulated the low carbon sector.


Knowledge sharing played a large part of the project with city partners meeting quarterly to exchange and learn from each other’s experiences. Each meeting focused on the relationship between urban freight and one of six transnational themes: stakeholders, data, integration, regulation & enforcement, voluntary behaviour change, and procurement. Each partner city worked with its local urban freight stakeholders such as retailers, freight operators, and the local municipalities to develop an Integrated Action Plan (IAP).

The IAPs entailed implementing sustainable urban logistics approaches in specific urban areas such as high multi-tenanted office blocks, high street retail areas, areas dominated by single user such as a university campus or public sector administration and historic central areas. Other key elements of the IAP’s include business cases for different approaches, data on greenhouse gas emissions and traffic improvement, and recommendations for implementation.

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Project Partners

Brussels, Belgium Gdynia, Poland La Rochelle, France Maastricht, Netherlands Parma, Italy Split, Croatia Suceava, Romania Tallinn, Estonia Umeå, Sweden

Useful Downloads & Links

An Urban Consolidation Centre, the Right Solution or Not for Umeå?
Using data and analysis to determine the likely practicality of a new urban consolidation centre (UCC) in Umeå, Northern Sweden
Consolidated Freight Distribution Centre, Suceava, Romania
Implementation of an Urban Consolidation Centre (UCC) as a key city logistics facility
Developing the correct freight indicators in Umeå, Sweden
Identifying the correct freight indicators to help monitor the progress of the Umeå Freight Plan actions in achieving the desired goals
‘E-Delivery’ (e-karete) in Split’s historic centre
Regulation of electric delivery vehicles to serve receivers in the historic centre of Split, Croatia.
Freight Traffic Survey in the City of Split
A survey of the city's freight traffic characteristics has helped to identify development needs and potentials regarding freight traffic in Split, Croatia
Gdynia Freight Survey
Freight survey of three selected streets in Gdynia city centre (Poland), to inform development of dedicated delivery locations in the city
Incentivising Low Emission Deliveries Through Regulation in La Rochelle, France
Designing a regulation to favour access of low emission delivery vehicles in city centre and encourage delivery consolidation
La Rochelle Delivery Bay Master Plan
Design and implementation of a strategic scheme for delivery bay infrastructure in La Rochelle City Centre, France
Major infrastructure intervention, logistics problem or opportunity – Preparing for change in Maastricht, The Netherlands
Partners and stakeholders working together to keep Maastricht and surrounding area accessible during the Noorderbrug bridge closure
Making bike deliveries work: ‘La Sajetta’, Parma
A practical and local bike delivery service for residents, businesses, shops and professionals
Preparing for change – e-cargo bikes for smart logistics in Maastricht, The Netherlands
Planned, even temporary, reduction in road capacity demands innovative mobility and logistics solutions
Regulation Framework for Freight Transport and Distribution in Suceava’s Open Markets
New regulations regarding freight distribution (access, weight, time window) connected to the 3 main open markets in Suceava city, Romania
Reorganisation of Kerbside Retail Delivery on Avenue Louise, Brussels, Belgium
A collaborative approach to restructuring delivery activity, improving traffic flow, and creating quality pedestrian space in the ‘Louise bottleneck’
Road Charging in Belgium for Trucks +3.5t
Controlling HGV flows to improve goods and service provision whilst ensuring the ‘polluter pays’
Smart Parking Management System: ‘Smart Split Parking’
Implementation of Smart Split Parking application to make parking and access easier for people and goods
Surveys of Freight Movement in the Old Town, Tallinn, Estonia
Surveys of freight activity and businesses to understand the lack of conformance to regulations
Survey of Local Business Logistic Practices in Brussels Historic Centre
472 business interviews within or just outside the central pedestrian area of the City of Brussels, Belgium
The Future of Transportation in Tallinn, Estonia
Trials of future transport modes demonstrate the opportunities and challenges that cities may face in the future
The Introduction of Dedicated Delivery Locations in Gdynia, Poland
Recommended changes in local regulations and the introduction of dedicated delivery locations in Gdynia city centre
The Parma Freight Survey
Survey and analysis of data from face-to-face interviews with shops and businesses in the traffic restricted zone, central Parma, Italy
Freight TAILS Final Report
Managing urban freight more effectively: A guide to getting started and planning actions
Focus on Urban Freight Transport and DATA
Freight TAILS is an URBACT project network of 10 European cities working together to address urban freight transport issues
Focus on Urban Freight Transport and INTEGRATION
Freight TAILS is an URBACT project network of 10 European cities working together to address urban freight transport issues
Focus on Urban Freight Transport and PROCUREMENT
Freight TAILS is an URBACT project network of 10 European cities working together to address urban freight transport issues
Focus on Urban Freight Transport and REGULATION & ENFORCEMENT
Freight TAILS is an URBACT project network of 10 European cities working together to address urban freight transport issues
Focus on Urban Freight Transport and STAKEHOLDERS
Freight TAILS is an URBACT project network of 10 European cities working together to address urban freight transport issues
Focus on Urban Freight Transport and VOLUNTARY BEHAVIOUR CHANGE
Freight TAILS is an URBACT project network of 10 European cities working together to address urban freight transport issues
Central London Sub-Regional Transport Partnership
The Central London Sub-Regional Transport Partnership (CLSRTP) collaborates and trials innovative schemes to benefit and inform all central London boroughs, with the support of Transport for London
Clean Air Better Business
The Clean Air Better Business programme is helping CRP’s partners and central London businesses tackle London’s air quality challenge
Click. Collect. Clean Air.
Cross River Partnership’s ‘Click. Collect. Clean Air.’ behaviour change campaign encourages Londoners to redirect personal deliveries away from workplaces to reduce congestion and air pollution in central London
Delivery and Servicing Plans for Markets
Markets play a vital role in cities, towns and high streets economically, socially and environmentally. They are part of the very fabric of community, culture, heritage and place but can provide challenges for freight delivery
Delivery & Servicing Plans
Inspiring local business to reconsider the way they receive delivery and servicing in order to reduce cost, increase efficiency and improve the environment
Freight Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe
FREVUE provides evidence on how the current generation of electric freight vehicles are viable alternatives to conventional diesel ones
Heart of London Deliveries, Waste and Recycling Programme
Heart of London Business Alliance (HOLBA) is a vibrant Business Improvement District in the West End working hard to deliver improvements around freight, air quality and commercial waste
New West End Company Air Quality Strategy
Cross River Partnership is working with New West End Company to help businesses improve air quality in the West End, creating a more welcoming and inviting West End for all
Oxford Street West Business Engagement Deliveries and Servicing Research
Considering the needs of businesses through a pilot study that will inform development of planning policy on Oxford Street West in response to freight issues
Smart Electric Urban Logistics (SEUL)
As the FREVUE project has shown, electric vans and trucks are well suited for urban freight operations. As part of SEUL, highly innovate smart charging technology is being developed to support the wider transition of larger fleets to electric
Villiers Street Delivery and Servicing Plan (Phase 2)
CRP looks forward to working with its partners to reduce vehicle congestion, improve air quality and create a more pedestrian friendly street for all to enjoy
West End Buyers Club
The West End is the heart of retail and visitor attractions in London. It also has an air quality image problem with the persistent media reports causing concern. Through the ambitions set in the New West End Company’s Air Quality Strategy, the West End Buyers Club (WEBC) plays a key part of addressing some of these concerns
West End Partnership Deliveries and Servicing Programme
The West End Partnership Deliveries and Servicing Programme is convened by Cross River Partnership and enables sharing of best practice and a forum for discussing key issues for freight in the West End