Construction Employer Accord

'The Mayor's pan-London Construction Employer Accord is supporting workless Londoners to find sustained employment in the construction industry on sites across London including the Olympic Park.

Cross River Partnership has been appointed to deliver one of the Mayor of London’s three Olympic employment programmes, the Construction Employer Accord. This £3.3 million programme will support over 570 workless Londoners into sustainable construction jobs on the Olympic Park and other sites across London, helping to ensure a legacy achievement for the London Olympics.

How can Construction Employer Accord help you?

We can help people to become job ready and receive necessary training to find work on a construction site, including support to move between jobs on different sites. If you are out of work and interested in finding a job in the construction industry please contact Lizzie Harris.
Construction Employer Accord works with main contractors and their sub-contractors to identify vacancies and training needs and then supports individuals to build a track record of employment in construction.
CRP has been manageing this successful programme on behalf of the GLA. This programme will end on 30 September 2014, and an evaluation will be published by the end of the year.

CRP Team members

Carol Quamina

Operations Manager

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