Understanding the Impact of Local Energy Systems

11th August 2020 / Posted by CRP Team

A whole calendar quarter has already passed on CRP’s Electric Vehicle Fleet-centred Local Energy System (EFLES) programme, giving us a chance to reflect on all the work done in designing the solution, and thinking ahead to what its wider impacts may be. With the energy and transport sectors supporting each other through an integrated systems approach, we hope this technology can support the rapid acceleration in electric vehicle fleet vehicle adoption with the associated environmental savings that can unlock. We’ve developed a postcard to help explain just how. The project is part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund’s Prospering from the Energy Revolution challenge, and is a partnership with UK Power Networks ServicesUPS and Moixa.

For more information, please contact CRP Project Manager Sefinat Otaru, sefinatotaru@crossriverpartnership.org or CRP Air Quality Analysis Officer Abby McDougall, abbymcdougall@crossriverpartnership.org