New starter: A big welcome to Ross!

5th June 2020 / Posted by Ross Phillips

Ross Phillips joined CRP as a Project Officer at the start of June 2020. These are his thoughts on his first week with the team.

It’s been an exciting (and strange) week to start a new job at CRP. Starting remotely will always bring challenges but the team has been supportive and friendly in providing plenty of information about projects and the organisation, and generous with their time.

I have spent my first few days on video calls, project inductions and reading about the Healthy Streets Everyday and Clean Air Villages 3 projects.

Due to COVID-19, engaging with organisations and businesses will be challenging but it can also present new, digital ways of communicating internally and externally and a real opportunity for change, which I am excited to help implement.

I am thrilled to join the team and contribute to delivering these projects to improve London’s environmental sustainability and air quality.