Healthy Streets Everyday March Round-up

16th March 2021 / Posted by Fiona Coull

With the end of the financial year drawing closer, March has been a busy month for Healthy Streets Everyday!

We have continued to deliver DrBike sessions with partners in the boroughs of GreenwichRichmond and Tower Hamlets. We have also funded even more school street measures and we’re on our way to publishing three additional case studies and a new guidance document discussing the benefits of monitoring.

March is also a month to reflect on everything we’ve achieved over the past 12 months. Although the pandemic has created many challenges for CRP and partners, we have managed to remain resilient and work together to deliver streets that are pleasant, safe places for all Londoners’ to enjoy.

We can’t wait to work with our partners to deliver even more Healthy Streets
initiatives in 2021 and see what the future will bring! CRP is extremely grateful to the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund for making all of these achievements possible.

Here are just a few of the things the Healthy Streets Everyday Programme and its partners have achieved this year:

  • Installed additional cycle and scooter parking
  • Delivered Dr Bike sessions across London
  • Helped to fund three parklets across London and provide wider support through CRP’s Parklet Guidance Document
  • Funded pollution sensors in Richmond
  • Carried out traffic and air quality monitoring across London
  • Provided a School Street Hotline to support London Boroughs with the delivery of school streets
  • Published a report on Mobility Justice to raise awareness
  • Green infrastructure
  • Supported and participated in the Clean Air Day London Summit
  • Delivered several knowledge sharing sessions as part of CRP’s LiveShares

For further information please contact CRP Project Manager Fiona Coull.