CRP’s Staff Spotlight On: Laura Jacklin

30th March 2021 / Posted by CRP Team

This week we are featuring CRP’s Senior Project Officer Laura Jacklin.

I work on the Clean Air Villages 3 programme and have thoroughly enjoyed working on such an engaging project. It has been great to meet businesses, people and communities across lots of different areas of London. I have worked on shared electric vehicle (EV) schemes across London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, setting up cargo bike schemes with small businesses with local cargo bike couriers in areas such as Tooting and Shepherds Bush.

The best part of my job is seeing the schemes helping businesses, creating a positive change for air quality but also for financial gains. I have also enjoyed
seeing data aid businesses to change to EVs. I have also been leading on studies with the CLSRTP group, looking into freight challenges and solutions that could be utilised for all stakeholders including councils and the private sector.

I have enjoyed with working with our partners and communities across London who have innovative plans for the future of London. On the top of this is the great team I work with day in and day out – I love having such supportive colleagues to have a tea and laugh with.