CRP’s Second Lunchtime Launch: Making Monitoring Meaningful

2nd February 2021 / Posted by CRP Team

Join CRP for our second Lunchtime Launch,Making Monitoring Meaningfulon Thursday 25th February, 1:15pm – 2pm. At this interactive session, we will be exploring how to extract meaningful insights from monitoring data. Over the past year we have seen a growing interest in, and an associated scrutiny of, interventions to improve air quality. With resources increasingly under strain, how can we make sure we collect the right data, and put it to effective use?

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The main learning points within this session include:

  • How data can be captured through Artificial Intelligence
  • Transforming monitoring data to be meaningful and practical
  • How captured data can aid the decision making process

CRP Technical Project Officer Abby McDougall and CRP Project Manager Fiona Coull will outline current monitoring as part of CRP’s projects, including the latest insights from a 3-month traffic and road user monitoring programme. In collaboration with Vivacity, CRP have analysed data from sensors installed at 14 locations across London. This programme cuts across two of CRP’s projects, Defra-funded Clean Air Villages and Mayor of London-funded Healthy Streets Everyday, to help CRP and partners understand how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting traffic and active travel on London’s streets.

Looking forward to seeing you there!