CRP Annual Report and Business Plan

25th April 2023 / Posted by Susannah Wilks

CRP is very pleased to publish its Annual Report and Business Plan 2022 – 2024.

This was signed off by the CRP Board at its most recent meeting in March 2023. Huge thanks must go to Westminster City Council for playing the accountable body role for Cross River Partnership.

CRP’s annual turnover hovers at around the £1.5 million mark, and we hope you agree that together with our partners, the CRP team manages to deliver a huge number of benefits with that.

Recent highlights include the London Light Freight River Trial, plus a Rail Report that lays the way for Rail Trial activities, including at Waterloo Station in the London Borough of Lambeth.  A Walking Trial in the London Borough of Camden is set to follow soon – watch this space!  And CRP’s latest Freight Micro Hub has opened at Q-Park Pimlico, supported by Infinium Logistics, and carried out by Delivery Mates zero-emission couriers.

All of these measures are doing their bit to improve London’s Air Quality.

CRP’s updated Mission is to deliver collaboratively solutions that make London fairer, greener and safer.  We look forward to continuing doing that with all of you throughout 2023-24, especially through our new Smarter Greener Logistics Defra-funded programme.

For further information, please contact CRP Director