Clean Air Logistics for London – April Update

25th April 2023 / Posted by Fiona Coull

This month has seen the launch of an exciting new scheme as part of our Defra-funded Clean Air Logistics for London (CALL) programme.  

Cross River Partnership (CRP) and Westminster City Council (WCC) launched a six-month micro logistics hub trial in Pimlico, on 17th April. Supported by Infinium Logistics, and carried out by Delivery Mates, the hub will help to support zero-emission last-mile deliveries in the City of Westminster.  You can read more about the scheme in this article here! 

However, the Westminster hub is not the only thing that has been keeping the CRP team busy this month! During April, we have also made progress with the following CALL programme initiatives: 

  • We published “On track for sustainable logistics: Integrating Rail Freight into London’s deliveries”. The study investigates the opportunity to use existing station infrastructure to support the efficient and sustainable delivery of freight into Central London using rail. You can find out more here. 
  • We have also been finalising ‘CRP’s Thames Directory” – an interactive web tool that aims to promote the use of the Thames for freight to London-based organisations. This is due to go live next month. 
  • We have also completed the installation of a sustainable deliveries hub near Chelsea Harbour Pier in partnership with the LB of Hammersmith & Fulham. The hub includes two cargo bike bays as well as a 2m long Delivering London Parcel Locker (known as Yeep!). The hub will help to make deliveries to the area more efficient and sustainable. 
  • Finally, the pre-retrofit monitoring of ‘The Albert’ vessel is also taking place this month. This will help us to understand the impact of retrofitting the vessel to become fully electric. 

If you are interested in finding out more about CRP’s Clean Air Logistics for London programme or have questions about any of the above initiatives, please contact CRP Programme Manager Fiona Coull