CAF Intervention – Micro Hub Trials

15th August 2022 / Posted by Ross Phillips

CRP is delivering trials and projects that are supporting local areas with more consolidation and more zero emission deliveries. By re-prioritising space for micro-logistics hubs – in essence, a bit of secure, physical space that deliveries can be sent to away from polluted areas – which can be sorted and sent on – and then delivered by cargo bike, walking freight or electric vehicle.  

Through Clean Air Freight, CRP are supporting Brixton’s businesses with deliveries by cargo bike, from rented space in SE1. Businesses re-direct their deliveries, whether its flowers, beer, coffee, crisps or newsletters, to the SE1 address and then they are delivered by Pedal Me by cargo bike.  

CRP are hoping to build on this with more micro hub trials in Clean Air Logistics for London. So, if you are a business or courier and looking to trial micro hubs, please get in touch with Ross, Sustainable Transport Project Manager at CRP: