Delivery and Servicing Strategy for The Crown Estate


Delivery and Servicing Strategy for The Crown Estate

Active Dates: January 2018 - December 2018
Number of Project Partners: 1
CRP Project Lead: Susannah Wilks

CRP supported The Crown Estate in developing a Delivery and Servicing Strategy and Implementation Plan for their London portfolio of high-quality assets in great central London locations, including the St. James and Regent Street areas.

These areas bring in significant numbers of Londoners, UK and international visitors, businesses and a sizeable workforce. However, the high levels of traffic congestion and poor air quality can negatively impact upon their experience of the city, causing ill-health and safety issues.

To alleviate pressures on the road, delivery and servicing trips can be consolidated through a range of measures already being trialled in specific areas across The Crown Estate and beyond.

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