Clean Air Better Business

The Clean Air Better Business programme is helping CRP’s partners and central London businesses tackle London’s air quality challenge.

London has an air quality problem which affects the health of residents and businesses alike. Without action, London could become a less attractive place to shop, visit and do business.

With the support of the Mayor of London, CRP’s Clean Air Better Business (CABB) programme is helping our public and private sector partners and central London businesses to improve air quality.

CRP secured £330,000 from the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund Round 1. With an additional £300,000 from partners, the CABB programme delivered:

  • Air quality awareness raising and capacity building with BID members and the wider business community;
  • An air quality widget – to raise awareness, stimulate action and enable exposure mitigation;
  • Delivery and Servicing Plans for BID members and businesses – to rationalize movements, reduce traffic and congestion and achieve time, cost and emissions savings;
  • Travel to work plans – to make travel to work more sustainable;
  • A directory of suppliers using zero and low emission (ZLE) vehicles – to enable businesses to choose to use ZLE vehicles providers/services;
  • Promotion of zero and low emission vehicles to businesses, the public sector and the taxi and private hire industries.

Based on these successes, CRP secured the maximum £400,000 award from the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund Round 2. With an additional £480,000 partner funding, the CABB programme will continue to support partners and businesses in priority areas including:

  • Building capacity to enable greater numbers of businesses to develop and implement Delivery and Servicing Plans;
  • Addressing the air quality impact of online shopping and personal deliveries via;
  • Environmental improvements to mitigate air pollution and encourage active transport;
  • Developing and promoting ‘low-exposure’ walking routes and raising awareness of exposure mitigation;
  • Communicating air quality messages with the business community.


The CABB programme and our partners efforts have been recognised at a national level, being finalist and runner-up for two awards.

The Energy Savings Trust’s Fleet Hero Awards  and the National Air Quality Awards reward excellence and innovation for those working towards driving down air pollution and improving air quality.

This is fantastic recognition for CABB partners’ efforts, alongside CRP and the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund, to improve air quality across central London.


Fleet hero runner upNAQ Finalist Stamp (2)

“The CABB programme supports our partners to share, innovate and deliver positive, impactful interventions to improve air quality across central London. ”

Brendon Harper, Air Quality Project Manager

CRP Team members

Brendon Harper

Air Quality Project Manager

Susannah Wilks


Project stats

Number of leading businesses who developed Delivery and Servicing Plans through CABB
Number of Londoners who heard the #noidling message during CABB Anti-Idling Action Days
Minimum reduction in exposure to air pollutants when walking along London's first 'Wellbeing Walk' compared to main thoroughfare