Walking and cycling statistics

31st January 2018 / Posted by CRP Team

The Department for Transport has published walking and cycling statistics in England for 2016, including the proportion of adults participating at a local authority level. The data is segmented into walking and cycling for travel and for leisure. These statistics are based on results from the Active Lives Survey and the National Travel Survey.

There is an interactive map that allows a view of your local authority to get a graphical representation of activity level.

The Central London Sub-regional Transport Partnership boroughs are in the process of drafting their Local Implementation Plans. Datasets like these are useful to gain a picture of what further delivery of initiatives is needed to improve walking and cycling levels.

Transport for London has published their Travel in London report 10. Travel in London is TfL’s annual publication that summarises trends and developments relating to travel and transport in London. Its principal function is to describe how travel in London is changing and provide an interpretative overview of progress towards implementing the transport and other related strategies of the Mayor of London, to inform future policy development and provides an evidence base.