Supporting Deptford’s Businesses and Community 

16th March 2021 / Posted by Ross Phillips

CRP’s Clean Air Villages 3 project has been supporting Deptford’s businesses and community through a zero-emission cargo bike scheme. After the London Borough of Lewisham selected Deptford as the focus area, we partnered with cargo bike courier service ecofleet, to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on businesses and the community.

In addition to improving local air quality by switching delivery modes from vans and cars to cargo bike, it has been a fantastic asset to the community. One of the users, Nhung at Lai Loi Oriental Stores, said:

“We were approached by CRP to participate in a trial eco friendly cargo bike delivery program partnered with ecofleet and Lewisham Council. This has helped us to advertise our oriental grocery free delivery service on our social media and also tell our customers, so they don’t need to leave the house. It has cut our driving delivery time in a car or van, so reduced our emissions. The feedback is they love the service by ourselves at Lai Loi family and the friendly couriers at ecofleet. They don’t want us to stop!” 

Since September 2020, the free cargo bike hours (and accompanying rider) have been used regularly by 6 organisations, including two food banks delivering packages throughout the winter. Users of the scheme also include a pharmacy delivering medicines to vulnerable residents and businesses that have pivoted to deliver to customers.