SGL Unpacked: Pimlico Micro Logistics Hub Trial

12th April 2024 / Posted by Isidora Rivera Vollmer

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest in-depth report on the Pimlico micro logistics hub trial that CRP and Westminster City Council delivered between April and December 2023. The trial was supported by Decarbon Logistics Solutions and carried out by Delivery Mates low-emission couriers.  

In this comprehensive report, which also includes an executive summary, we delve into various aspects of the trial, including: 

Introduction: Learn about the trial, our partners, and the funding provided. 

Setting Up the Hub: Explore the project timeline, hub site specifications, and trial costs. 

Testimonials and Public Relations: Hear from project partners and discover how the trial was covered online and by the media. 

Data Analysis and Insights: Gain valuable insights into operational efficiency, air quality benefits, and more. 

Learnings and Recommendations: Understand the key takeaways and recommendations for future micro logistics hubs. 

Inspiration for Others: Get inspired by the success of our trial and discover similar projects CRP is working on. 

Plus, we provide additional resources and an appendix detailing our methodology and data collection process. 

Don’t miss out on this valuable resource! Read the full report: 

For more information, contact CRP Project Manager Isidora Rivera Vollmer