Keeping an ear on quiet deliveries

14th July 2020 / Posted by CRP Team

As we emerge from lockdown, many people have enjoyed the benefits of quiet streets and cleaner air. We need to protect this alongside supporting the economic recovery. One proven method to help improve air quality and ease traffic congestion is retiming of deliveries out of peak times. There are also benefits for freight operators and their customers.

In doing this, it’s vital to ensure that such deliveries do not cause another kind of pollution: noise. As part of our work co-ordinating the Central London Sub-Regional Transport Partnership, CRP have commissioned EMSOL to undertake monitoring of delivery points which will test technology that matches specific deliveries to any excessive noise detected and we aim to use this to identify the exact source. This will help freight operators, landowners and local authorities in understanding and ensuring best practice in quiet deliveries. Tied with commitments to best practice such as adopting TfL’s Quiet Deliveries guidance, this can help to provide confidence to residents that deliveries can take place without disturbance and any incidents can be investigated and managed effectively. We look forward to sharing our findings later this year.

For more information, please contact CRP Project Manager Tom Linton-Smith,