Information Leaflet Supporting Transition to EV’s

25th June 2024 / Posted by Sobastian Frazer

Are you considering transitioning to Electric Vehicles (EV’s) and unsure where to start? 🔌

As part of our Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs funded Smarter Greener Logistics programme, CRP has designed an EV Information Leaflet which provides a comprehensive overview of the benefits and funding available to support the transition to EV’s.

Read the full EV Leaflet 👉

As well as providing a more greener and cleaner alternative to diesel or petrol cars, there is a host of financial benefits to transitioning to EV’s and supporting the UK Governments ambitions to meet net zero emission targets by 2050. 🍃

CRP’s EV leaflet is designed to support local authorities, businesses and residents to develop an appetite for EVs, increase the uptake of EVs and provide a foundational starting point.