Healthy Streets Everyday – plans for 2020

16th December 2019 / Posted by CRP Team

This November, CRP meet with all Healthy Streets Everyday partners to discuss their plans for 2020, whilst stimulating some creative discussions. With 11 out of 16 HSE London boroughs declaring a climate emergency, 2020 will see the development of a school streets programme across several boroughs. In preparation for this, CRP have commissioned London Borough of Hackney to run a technical school street programme from the end of January. The aim is to accelerate the implementation of school streets (where roads next to schools temporarily close to become pedestrian and cycle zones during the school opening and closing times), whilst supporting partners to overcome technical and practical challenges.

We are also collaborating with our partner, Global Action Plan, to celebrate the development of our school streets via Clean Air Day on 18th June 2020. We will use this opportunity to tell a HSE pan London School Street story via our HSE webpage.

Our partners have exciting plans to make air quality related events more effective. This includes residents co-designing larger events in Wandsworth. In Lambeth they will create a Portuguese themed carnival to celebrate World Car Free Day in September. Haringey are taking good strides to embed an Open Street event in Easter, and The Northbank will work with the London Design Festival to promote low cost public realm solutions via a competition which will see a young designer showcasing their work in a HSE streetscape improvement.

The final big theme for 2020 is traffic regulations which will see the reduction of rat runs in residential areas. Several partners aim to implement experimental traffic orders to allow communities to experience change in real time over several months before adopting changed use of these streets. They are using HSE to find creative and unconventional ways to consult residents to promote positive change and lasting impact. 2020 is going to be a busy year!

For more information please visit the HSE project page, or contact CRP Director, Susannah Wilks.