Green Infrastructure

28th November 2023 / Posted by Susannah Wilks

Last week was #GreenInfrastructure week.

The Green Infrastructure Framework was launched back in January. The Green Infrastructure Framework is an invitation to re-imagine England’s towns and cities with nature at the heart, to help more people benefit from better access to nature and all its benefits for health, wellbeing, climate, and the economy.

Green Infrastructure is integral to addressing health inequalities, biodiversity loss, climate change, and levelling up. The Green Infrastructure Framework resources aim to:

  • inspire the creation of nature-rich, climate resilient towns and cities.
  • provide certainty about the quality and quantity of GI required to create better places for people to live, work and relax.
  • show how green infrastructure can support developers and local authorities in delivering statutory requirements such as Biodiversity Net Gain and Local Nature Recovery Strategies to support nature recovery.
  • provide a route map for developing good green infrastructure strategies.

CRP delivered a Mayor’s Air Quality Fund Round 3 programme called Healthy Streets Everyday, with 19 CRP Partners, that delivered all sorts of Green Infrastructure and other Air Quality-improving interventions. Read the programme summary on the CRP website.

We look forward to continuing to prioritise Green Infrastructure with all of our public and private sector partners.

For any ideas please contact CRP Director or CRP Senior Programme Manager

Photo credit: CRC for Water Sensitive Cities