European Mobility Week 2020

21st September 2020 / Posted by Ross Phillips

From London to Lahti, 2,758 cities in 49 countries across Europe (and the world) will be putting a spotlight on zero-emission transport and mobility strategies to improve air quality and contribute to healthier cities, as part of European Mobility Week 2020. This is taking place from 16th – 22nd September 2020.

London are continuing to be part of this by encouraging active travel options by creating improved conditions for walking and cycling. This is critical as more Londoners go back to work and many are choosing more sustainable and active travel options.

Improving active travel options are a critical part of all CRP projects, particularly Healthy Streets Everyday. Recent COVID-19 rules have removed the possibility of many in-person events, but it is critical as more Londoners go back to work and choose sustainable and active travel options, and to increase safe space for walking and cycling provision for children going back to school, through School Streets.

Keep an eye out for brilliant online events and tools that improve cycling and walking in your area as part of European Mobility Week and Car Free Day 2020, and improve your cycling confidence through TfL’s new online, free cycling training.