Deliver London / Recruit London Collaboration

22nd May 2017 / Posted by CRP Team

CRP’s two main areas of work Recruit London – supporting residents into sustained employment; and Deliver London – improving air quality, transport and public realm; may seem like two quite discreet areas of work.  However, we know that our programmes are very much aligned and our teams work closely together to add value to ensure that we are ‘Delivering London’s Future Together’.  We all want London to be the best place it can be, and both programmes are working with many of the same funders, businesses and stakeholders to achieve this.


Projects such as our Family Friendly Employment Toolkit meet the objectives of multiple stakeholders that are encouraging workplaces to be more flexible including boroughs wanting to open up work opportunities to a wider candidate base, and Transport for London who want people to start work at different times of day to ease pressures on the transport network at peak times.


The Recruit London team have been out in force to support the Deliver London team on Clean Air Action Fortnight’s Anti Idling Days in early 2016.  This gave an opportunity for Recruit London candidates to volunteer for a couple of hours, learn about a new topic, improve confidence and develop new engagement skills.


We’re continuing to collaborate and identify more overlap between the two areas, for the benefit of CRP partners.  For more information on the shared goals and working practices of Recruit London and Deliver London contact Anna Elliot and Vicky Keeble