CRP’s Staff Spotlight On: Fiona Coull

16th February 2021 / Posted by Fiona Coull

This week we are featuring CRP’s Project Manager Fiona Coull, who is leading on CRP’s Healthy Streets Everyday (HSE) Programme and Vivacity Monitoring Project.

As part of my role on CRP’s Healthy Streets Everyday project, I really enjoy working with partners to deliver initiatives that make London’s streets pleasant, safe places for all to enjoy.
There are so many elements associated with the Heathy Streets approach that I’ve been able to help implement a wide range of initiatives. For example, we have worked with partners to install green screening, provide Dr Bike sessions, install parklets, undertake monitoring, install school streets and more! This also links well with my role overseeing CRP’s Vivacity Monitoring Project, as many of the HSE initiatives we are helping to implement need to be monitored to ensure they are having the desired effect. Working with lots of people on lots of different things does mean that my job at CRP can be quite challenging. However, it is also very rewarding – getting to hear how something you’ve helped do has positively impacted communities and businesses is always a good feeling, which is what I enjoy most about working at CRP!