CRP’s Spotlight On: The Fitzrovia Partnership

24th May 2021 / Posted by CRP Team

This week’s focus is on CRP BID partner The Fitzrovia Partnership. We heard from Bee de Soto, Head of Marketing and Communications, about the success of FitzPark.

Fitzrovia is a small, one-mile-squared area in central London, known for its creativity and bohemian history, but more recognised by road names such as Tottenham Court Road and Charlotte Street. Currently the area is characterised by its mixed-use residential, flagship homeware stores, retail, hospitality, evening economy as well as being a hub for the built-environment, education (University College London) and healthcare (UCLHospital).

Approximately 70% of the area sits within conservation areas. With the constant evolving nature of Central London, regeneration schemes and projected increase in visitors following the opening of Crossrail and HS2, there is a major justification and opportunity to protect and enhance the green infrastructure.

The Fitzrovia Partnership is the area’s Business Improvement District. As well as being instrumental in making the area a prosperous place to work, live and visit, it plays a crucial part in influencing and implementing measures to improve environmental and social aspects, through greening. One project, FitzPark, is now a permanent feature in the area.

FitzPark transformed a delivery bay into a parklet containing seating and planting for public use. It was set up to promote health and wellbeing in the area, foster community interaction, improve the look and feel and increase bio-diversity and had outstanding results. As a result, it was moved from its trial location to a permanent location in the area. The additional result gained from this location was that it ‘designed-out’ an area known for fly-tipping. FitzPark was designed by Arup and funded by The Fitzrovia Partnership, with additional funding secured by Clean Air Better Business (CABB) from the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund.

Results of FitzPark:

  • The well-being questionnaire results were positive for users and business owners:
  • Users: 100% support; 41% increase in well-being
  • Business owners: 70% positive impact on business

Fitzrovia Facts

  • 70% of Fitzrovia sits within conservation areas
  • Only 1% of the area is public open space (May 2021)
  • Traffic restrictions came into force on Tottenham Court (March 2021) with buses and cyclists only Mon-Sat 8am-7pm
  • The first new public park in Central London for 100 years will be opened in Summer 2021 (part of the West End Project)