CRP’s Clean Air Villages 4 Funding Success!

16th March 2021 / Posted by Susannah Wilks

CRP is delighted to have secured £700,000 from Defra on behalf of partners, to deliver a fourth phase of the award-winning Clean Air Villages project. Huge congratulations to everyone involved!

The project will involve working with public, private and community partners across some of London’s worst air pollution hot spots, to provide innovative Freight Solutions, addressing Consolidation, Distribution, Mode, Technology and Policy in order to make sure that London ‘builds back better’ from COVID-19.

The new Clean Air Villages project will start on 1st April 2021. Please see the full press release and statement from Clean Air Villages Project Manager Kate Fenton here.

For more information on how Clean Air Villages supports CRP’s strategic priorities and plans, please contact CRP Director Susannah Wilks.