CRP present to US EU Study Tour on Urban Freight

20th October 2016 / Posted by CRP Team

Cross River Partnership presented our two European funded urban freight projects to a small US delegation of local, state and federal representatives during late September.

This Urban Freight Study Tour, organised in conjunction with EC, started with two days in London hearing from various EU funded projects, including CRP’s FREVUE and Freight TAILS projects, before moving on to Brussels to meet with representatives of the EC DG for Mobility and Transport and seeing more projects in action.

The delegation discussed urban freight management problems such as traffic congestion, levels of awareness, concerns around safety, how to maintain economic competitiveness whilst minimising greenhouse gas emissions and negative impacts on air quality, lack of data; and urban freight management solutions such as consolidation centres, electric freight vehicles, working together, use of technology, off-hours deliveries, integrated urban freight to all areas of urban planning.

These discussions are very familiar to us here in London, and we hope that continued liaison and joint working with stakeholders beyond Europe will lead to more robust and effective solutions being developed and deployed.

Please contact Charlotte Knell or Tanja Dalle-Muenchmeyer for more information.


US tour