CRP officially launches London’s first electric workboat

28th November 2023 / Posted by Sefinat Otaru

On 14 November, CRP launched Alb-E, London’s first electric workboat aboard the Dixie Queen at Butler’s Wharf Pier.

The official launch event was attended by vessel owner and project partner, Net Zero Marine (NZM), as well as participants such as Thames Marine Services and TMS Engineering. Many of our partners and stakeholders also attended, including our including our including our CRP Board public sector Co-Chair, Mary Durcan, Chairman of Port Health and Environmental Services Committee at the City of London Corporation.

Alb-E was converted from a diesel vessel to an electric one over the summer. The project was part of our Defra-funded Clean Air Logistics for London programme which wrapped up in June of this year.

Thanks to monitoring the vessel’s emissions, we were able to calculate that we have removed at least 2.3 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year by making Alb-E electric.

Additionally, NZM expects to save money on fuelling costs – a single charge, which takes Alb-E 75 nautical miles, cost approximately £57 in September. To cover the same distance, diesel would cost £246.

For more information, read our official press release and Deep Dive report, or contact CRP Project Manager Sefinat Otaru