CRP Continues to Support Boroughs and BIDs with Insightful Data

29th January 2024 / Posted by Ross Phillips

Evidence has become critical to create healthy streets and neighbourhoods. Cross River Partnership (CRP) have been busy throughout December and January, supporting partners with our insightful traffic and active travel reporting to evidence of how spaces, streets and neighbourhoods are used.  

CRP have continued to work with South Bank BID and VivaCity on understanding traffic levels and emissions in the local area. The recent changes from the Spine Route’s traffic filters and highway improvements bring a new focus to the reporting, and the CRP team have been busy analysing and reporting on this data throughout January. CRP are delighted to be supporting South Bank BID on this, and are really pleased this data continues to be used to support their public realm decision-making for nearly four years.  

Through Smarter Greener Logistics, CRP have been working collaboratively with the London Borough of Southwark to understand traffic around Cycleway 4, before the cycleway has been fully installed. This helps Southwark gain a really clear picture of vehicle movements and modelled air quality impacts on the local area, using VivaCity’s high tech artificial intelligence traffic sensors. CRP will be analysing data during 2024 for 3 months once the cycleway has been completed to understand the changes that have taken place.  

CRP work with VivaCity’s artificial intelligence traffic sensors to provide insights and reporting into: 

  • Active travel and traffic count analysis that measures all vehicle classes 
  • Movement and directionality mapping, modelling and visualisation 
  • Air quality and emissions modelling 
  • Speed and road safety evidence 
  • Public realm and behaviour analysis 

If you are interested in finding out whether CRP can support you with impactful and insightful traffic and air quality reporting, please email CRP Sustainable Transport Manager Ross Phillips