11th December 2017 / Posted by CRP Team

The Central London Sub Regional Transport Partnership (CLSRTP) is a valuable forum for the exchange of ideas between central London boroughs. It is the sub-regional point of contact for Transport for London and funded by them. Through it, CRP facilitates and project manages innovative pilots, trials and research responding to emerging strategy.

CRP is thrilled to be working with our partners to be delivering a range of identified projects this year including;

  • A ‘walking tube/rail’ intervention at Billy Fury Way (London Borough of Camden) to enliven a ‘connector’ path between key stations, improving access, lighting and creating a sense of place
  • Phase 2 of a Market Delivery and Servicing Plan to deliver a range of improvements identified during Phase 1 (WeAreWaterloo BID/Lambeth Council and Angel BID /Islington Council)
  • Healthy Streets; delivering improvements to Ravenet Street (London Borough of Wandsworth) using the healthy streets check to measure the impact of interventions to improve the walking and cycling experience
  • A study on the impact of autonomous freight vehicles in central London
  • A study into securing grid infrastructure capacity for the electrification of commercial fleets
  • Continued support for the delivery of the Go Ultra Low City Scheme including supporting partner applications for Round 2 of the Neighbourhood of the Future
  • Continued support of the Central London Freight Quality Partnership (CLFQP)

The work of the CLSRTP aims to create a benchmark of best practice that can be applied pan-London and highlights the benefits of partnership-focused delivery.

For further information, please contact CRP’s Uto Patrick