CLSRTP Urban Logistics Map

27th April 2021 / Posted by CRP Team

CRP is pleased to announce that since launching the Potential Urban Logistics Hubs in Central London study, we have moved onto the next phase of creating an online tool to showcase the available sites for logistics operators to occupy for sustainable last-mile deliveries.

The study, commissioned by the Central London Sub-Regional Transport Partnership, investigated the requirements that a logistics operator would need for a micro hub, and the availability of underutilised space across Central London that could be used for logistics purposes. 29 sites were identified in the study, including underutilised carparks and railway arches.

The next phase of work has been to create an online tool to showcase available sites that could have potential for being used for logistics purposes, the tool will filter sites and include necessary information on size, location and requirements for an operator.

CRP will be launching the new tool at Lunchtime Launch 5, showcasing the sites currently on the map with how landowners and operators can get involved.

If you are an operator looking for space to have a micro hub, or a landowner who has under-utilised space, this tool will be invaluable to making efficient and green choices for logistics whilst improving air quality.

Please contact CRP Senior Project Officer Laura Jacklin for more information.