Christmas Promotions: CRP Clean Air Villages Directory

8th December 2020 / Posted by CRP Team

With the holiday season now upon us after a tough year, it’s no surprise everyone is looking ahead to Christmas for some much-needed cheer! With cities and stores re-opening, perhaps your Christmas shopping list is a becoming a dilemma… This holiday season, CRP has promoted numerous listed businesses from the CRP Clean Air Villages Directory via social media using #CleanAirChristmas! We will be promoting low-emission businesses based and servicing the 12 boroughs of the Clean Air Villages programme.

The Directory encourages shopping local, contributing to sustainable economies as well as improving London’s air quality with every delivery. Visit our the CRP Clean Air Villages Directory and start ticking off your Christmas list!

For more information on the Directory and how to list a business, please contact CRP Project Officer Rachael Aldridge, and for more information on the Clean Air Villages programme, please contact CRP Project Officer Anusha Rajamani.