Children’s Mental Health Week

2nd February 2021 / Posted by CRP Team

Children’s Mental Health Week is taking place from 1st – 7th February 2021.

The Centre for Mental Health reports a new cohort of 500,000 previously healthy children under 18 will require mental health care due to the economic, health and family pressures caused by the covid crisis. In addition, a new investigation from the Evening Standard reveals hundreds of thousands of children and adolescents who had no diagnosable mental health problems before the pandemic will need care and support this year as a consequence of the crisis.

Now more than ever, action is needed to support young people. CRP’s Healthy Streets Everyday project is supporting Local Authorities, Business Improvement Districts and Landowners to create streets that are pleasant, safe places for all communities to enjoy. Children need safe, accessible, traffic-free residential areas to play, learn, and explore without being exposed to harmful air pollution.