Central London Sub-Regional Transport Partnership (CLSRTP) Update

15th January 2019 / Posted by CRP Team

As part of the Central London Sub-Regional Transport Partnership (CLSRTP) 2018/19 programme, CRP has been working with partners on a range of useful projects.

These include:

  • A study evaluating best practice in cycle logistics. The study will also examine how central London boroughs can use cycle logistics more.
  • Installing dual purpose cycle stations within CLSRTP boroughs which feature cycle repair and water refill facilities.

These and other CLSRTP projects will continue to support cross-sector partnership working and the sharing of information across 10 central London boroughs and beyond.

CRP is very pleased to have been awarded funding for CLSRTP 2019/20 – thank you to TfL!

For more information please contact Susannah Wilks.