CABB Delivery Servicing Plans – Tackling Personal Deliveries

19th January 2016 / Posted by CRP Team

CRP’s Clean Air Better Business programme continues to offer free advice and tools for organisations looking at Delivery and Servicing Plan options.

With more flexible working becoming the norm, organisations are now receiving a large amount of deliveries that are non-work related. Workers are increasingly having items delivered to their workplaces to avoid missed home deliveries.

No one likes missing a delivery at home, but having your online shopping sent to your workplace increases congestion and emissions in Central London. There are lots of other options that have been explored as part of the CABB programme, to ensure you don’t miss a delivery again whilst also improving the environment and safety of our streets within central London.

We have assembled 2 information leaflets targeted at staff and for businesses demonstrating how to send your deliveries to convenient collection points.

1. Personal delivery -Business option
2. Personal delivery- Staff option