Believ on EV Charging Infrastructure

16th April 2024 / Posted by Sefinat Otaru

Charge point operator, Believ,  a participant in our Smarter Greener Logistics (SGL) programme, recently reported that numerous local authorities are struggling to deploy new electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. 

According to the report, many local authorities in the UK are facing challenges in implementing their plans for EV infrastructure, with two-thirds of them not having installed charge points for residents on the streets. This could hinder the UK Government from achieving its target of 300,000 charge points by 2030. 

To address this issue, Believ is offering support to local authorities participating in SGL to enhance their EV infrastructure plans. 

Access the full report here. For more details about the EV aspect of the Smarter Greener Logistics program, get in touch with CRP Programme Officer, Sobastian Frazer.