Malcolm Haxby

“In 1994 CRP was formed to improve physical, economic and social connections north and south of the river in central London, an initiative devised and promoted by a far-sighted planning team in the Government Office for London. The four founding local authority partners, Westminster, the City Corporation, Lambeth and Southwark were of different political persuasions, but worked incredibly co-operatively, through their enthusiastic officers. I was fortunate in being given the role of co-ordinating and leading various feasibility studies through to project implementation. The positive effects of these infrastructure projects, bridges, piers and bus routes are self-evident today in the vibrancy, economic growth and opportunities. Today I am extremely proud of having been part of such a successful, professional and friendly partnership, which has now widened and adapted its focus to address topical issues, such as air pollution. Long may it thrive and continue!”

Malcolm Haxby – CRP Director 1994 – 2000