Our Team

The CRP Team has a wide range of experience and backgrounds, but all have dedication to regeneration in London in common. Please contact us with any queries that you may have and
we will be happy to help.

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Susannah Wilks


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Carol Quamina

Operations Manager

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Elizabeth Harris

Development Manager

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Sylvia Kankasa

Recruit London Programme Manager

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Tanja Dalle-Muenchmeyer

Programme Manager Electric Freight

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Vicky Keeble

Deliver London Programme Manager

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Charlotte Knell

Project Manager

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Brendon Harper

Air Quality Project Manager

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Uto Patrick

Deliver London Project Manager

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Sefinat Otaru

Business Engagement Officer

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Tom Linton-Smith

Transport and Sustainability  Officer

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Chika Anyanwu

Westminster Workplace Coordinator

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Kate Fenton

Workplace Coordinator

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Ilona Wilk

Heart of London Business Alliance Workplace Coordinator

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Nathalie Lam

ReStart Workplace Coordinator

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Parma Sira

Camden Specialist Workplace Coordinator

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Nikoletta Gjergji

Workplace Co-ordinator

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Maxine Diakabana

Monitoring and Finance Co-ordinator

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Yasin Mahmood

CRP Business Apprentice