Westminster After Dark: Developing an Evening and Night-Time Plan

28th November 2023 / Posted by Sobastian Frazer

Westminster City Council is developing its first Evening and Night-time Plan, following the publication of the Think Night report. The Greater London Authority (GLA) recommended to the Mayor of London that all London Local Authorities should produce Night Time guidance. You can find out more about GLA guidance here. 

The Evening and Night-time Plan is being developed to meet and provide support for the diverse needs of the community. The plan will be designed to encompass different aspects of Westminster’s nightlife, including leisure, public enjoyment, travel, and safety to improve the social and cultural aspects of Westminster. Whilst ensuring and preserving resident safety at home. Improving upon safety, sustainability, inclusion and accessibility. 

The Evening and Night Time Plan aims to champion the development of the local economy, support community well-being and present the City of Westminster as a pioneering model of innovation, transforming night life and promoting the city as an inclusive and dynamic attraction. Westminster is asking residents to have their say by supplying feedback via their online engagement platform – Westminster After Dark, have your say here.