West End Buyers Club

22nd May 2017 / Posted by CRP Team



Cross River Partnership developed the West End Buyers Club for New West End Company and we’re thrilled that some of our other partners are also going to promote the scheme, so that we can really make a difference to the volume of freight traffic across a wider area of London’s West End.  New West End Company are teaming up with Baker Street Quarter Partnership and Marble Arch London for a collaborative launch event next month to promote the Buyers Club to all their business members.   The West End Buyers Club is a shared supplier scheme that encourages business neighbours to use the same suppliers, so that all of their deliveries can come to the area in one trip.  For information visit www.westendbuyersclub.london


In addition, the West End Buyers Club will be promoted through the Westminster City Council-led Marylebone Low Emission Neighbourhood.  More information on the Low Emission Neighbourhood can be found here: http://www.marylebonelen.org/


For information on these projects contact CRP’s Vicky Keeble vickykeeble@crossriverpartnership.org